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Review: THE COLOR OF TROUBLE by Dyanne Davis

Kari Anderson loved Jonathan but he broke her heart with his lies and cheating ways. Her parents were right; she should stick to her own kind. Steve is a wonderful choice; a black doctor who will give her beautiful brown babies.

Jonathan Steele can not believe a misunderstanding went so far. Kari thought he cheated on her and wouldn’t even help him when he was falsely accused of rape. Now, seven years later, he runs into Kari again. Will she acknowledge that she still loves him before she marries the wrong man?

Award winning author Dyanne Davis presents an age old issue in THE COLOR OF TROUBLE. Prejudice and racism occurs in all races. When a couple is crossing those race barriers, many obstacles have to be overcome despite the strength of their love. I must admit that I was disappointed by the wishy-washy attitude of the heroine, Kari, at first but her self-evaluation and growth earned my approval. Making a stand against parents, peers and society is difficult no matter what your heart is telling you. An absorbing read, THE COLOR OF TROUBLE will challenge beliefs and warm the heart.

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Review: Wings of Sorrow by Jessica Blair

In 1938, Jane Harvey decides to leave behind the stifling confines of her father’s house in Middlesborough to go and live with her aunt and uncle in the beautiful Yorkshire coastal resort of Scarborough. Jane hopes to forget about the demons of her past and to build a new future for herself, away from the tyrannical methods of her father. But despite Jane’s vociferous protests to let go of the past, she still finds herself unable to let anyone close to her as she’s petrified that she might get hurt again.

Jane’s retiring nature has been a major cause of concern for her aunt Mavis, who is desperate to see her beloved niece happy again. Mavis is therefore ecstatic when her niece forms a close bond with Nell Franklin. A vivacious young girl who loves to have fun, Nell welcomes Jane into her family with open arms, despite sensing that Jane is unwilling to divulge any information about her past.

Nell introduces Jane to her lifelong friends, Ewan Steel and Simon Evans, who are just as quick to welcome Jane into their midst. Although Jane is flattered by Simon’s attentions, she cannot help but wish that it was Ewan who way paying court to her. But Ewan only has eyes for Nell and Jane is not prepared to sacrifice her friendship with Nell for the sake of a man…or is she?

When Jane leaves Scarborough to go and live with Nell and her family in Lowestoft, Jane begins to see more of Ewan and her attraction to him deepens even more. But Nell makes it clear that although she is willing to share her family and her home with Jane, she is not prepared to share Ewan!

When the Second World War breaks out, Ewan joins the RAF, whilst Simon, who is still infatuated with Jane, gets involved in mine sweeping. The girls, feeling hopeless and desperate to do something to help their country defeat the enemy, decide that the time has come for them to stop twiddling their thumbs, so they join the Land Army and leave for the countryside to do their duty.

As the years go by and the War thunders on, Jane and Nell still remain steadfast in their love for Ewan. But both girls are unaware of the fact that Ewan has a devastating secret that could change their lives forever…

Wings of Sorrow is the latest enjoyable and engrossing tale from this much-loved writer of romantic sagas. A well-crafted and wonderfully told novel featuring determined women and complex heroes, Wings of Sorrow is an atmospheric and vivid historical novel, set in Wartime Britain, that saga readers will find totally absorbing and wonderfully gripping.

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Review: Never Been Witched by Annette Blair

Destiny Cartwright arrives at the Paxton Island Lighthouse seeking peace and serenity. What she finds is Morgan Jarvis, architect, paranormal debunker and a man so sexy he sizzles. Destiny also finds two ghosts and one angel in residence. There goes her peace and serenity.

Morgan came to the Lighthouse seeking the same peace and serenity. He finds Destiny to be just as sizzling but is not sure what is next or if he wants what is next. His past has left him with hang-ups and unresolved pain. When Destiny arrives, Morgan realizes his peace and serenity are gone as well.

When these two are together, laughter is not far behind. Their witty exchanges, the physical mishaps as well as the blazing chemistry make for some fun and exciting reading. Annette Blair’s talent shines from the pages as she takes us from the fun to the very serious. Both Destiny and Morgan had some issues to work though and it was only together that they were successful. If you have not read any of these books. Run, don’t walk, and get the other two. These books are sure to please even the most picky reader. Kudos to Annette Blair for writing such an excellent series.

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Review: The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor

Rosenwyn Tremain had had a miserable childhood. She’d never known her father, her mother had delighted in touting her and in telling her that she was a Plain Jane, and she’d had to find ways to make ends meet, as her mother was too concerned with spending what little money she had on booze and chocolate. Vowing never to sink to the depths which her mother had sunk to, Rose worked hard and is now a no-nonsense accountant who is known for being thorough and conscientious. When her latest job takes her to Cornwall, Rose cannot help but be intrigued. Her mother had forbidden her from visiting Cornwall, but now that she has died, Rose sees this as the perfect opportunity to try and see whether the Cornish county might be just the place where her elusive father is residing.

But before she starts tracing her father’s whereabouts, Rose has a job to do: an audit for a pub called Elephant’s Nest run by the charming Michael O’Connor. But Michael’s lilting Irish accent, dashing good looks and muscled body aren’t enough to distract her from the shambolic state of his accounting books. His twin brother, Niall though, could prove to be a completely different story! Niall is a brooding and enigmatic biker with a devastating secret. A secret which Rose is determined to uncover…

Niall is no ordinary man. He’s a man who is living in exile after rejecting Ciar, an Irish fairy queen, and he is now desperate to keep his brother and his younger sister, Ana safe from evil. Niall has been reduced to paying a Druid called Tristan Jago enormous sums of money to cast spells which protect his family from danger. But Tristan has changed his mind. He doesn’t want money anymore. He wants the new pisky fairy who has just arrived in Cornwall. A fairy named Rose Tremain!

Niall is shocked when he realizes that his brother’s accountant is the woman he has been assigned to find. But that’s nothing compared to the shock which Rose experiences when she finds out that she’s a fairy who could save the life of the O’Connors.

However, that is the least of her problems because Rose has just realized that she’s head over heels with Niall and he’s already made it quite clear that romance is the last thing on his mind!

Will Rose’s magic make him change his mind? Or will Niall realize that love is the greatest magic of all?

It might only be February, but I can already tell that The Magic Knot will be one of my books of the year! The Magic Knot is an engaging, enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining paranormal romance by a writer who has a very bright future ahead of her. Funny, romantic, magical and simply breathtaking, this densely-plotted and wonderfully written paranormal romance will have you counting down the days until the next novel by the whimsical, quirky and captivating pen of award-winning author Helen Scott Taylor!

If you want to be swept into an enchanted world of fairies, vampires, pixies, sassy accountants and brooding bikers, then rush to the bookstore and get yourself a copy of Helen Scott Taylor’s wonderful debut novel – you certainly won’t regret it!

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Review: Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich

Abby comes to Summerville, Ohio because she inherited a bakery/coffeehouse from her grandmother.  Daisy is a website designer.  Shar is a history teacher at the local university. She is living in the top of the temple her grandfather brought back from a dig in Mesopotamia. The first floors are currently the history department at the university.  These three women come together at a dog training class, they all feel a strange compulsion to attend. They soon discover that the dog class is just a cover for the goddess Kammani Gula to bring the descendants of her seven priestesses together so that they can serve Kammani again now that she has awakened.

Abby is annoyed by a math genius professor. Daisy wants Noah who was helping with the dog training and Shar has a God-King come to life in her bedroom.  Together these women must discover their true power.

This book isn’t an anthology. The authors worked together to make one story.

Ok, here’s the deal with this book. I liked the story. It was fun, whimsical and light. Also it was a new idea that I haven’t seen before and I enjoyed the created mythology. Unfortunately, it was also quite forgettable. I think about when I was a bookseller, if someone asked me if this book was good I would recommend it, but if someone asked me to recommend a good book, this is not one that would come to mind.  So if you are looking for something light to take you out of the every day, go ahead and pick this book up.

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