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Review: Ecstasy Untamed (Feral Warriors) by Pamela Palmer

The Feral Warriors series has told the personal stories of five brave heroes, and the sixth book takes its appealing hero on an emotional roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. Pamela Palmer outshines even herself with Hawke’s story, as numerous details remain with you long after the last compelling word is read.

As a Feral Warrior, Hawke has an animal spirit within him and their connection is gradually dwindling. Although he managed to escape from the darkness of a Daemon spirit trap, he still feels the consequences as his mind is not always in control of what he does and he knows death is a possibility. Hawke is proud of the work he and his fellow warriors accomplish in keeping the world safe, and he is excited when word is received of a new Feral Warrior arriving. What he did not expect is his reaction to the female accompanying Maxim, an almost overpowering attraction.

When Faith met Maxim, she felt compelled to go along with his request that she travel with him to America where he will become a Feral Warrior. Although there is something off about his behavior, she cannot seem to refuse his demand and goes with him. While she already knows about the daring men who belong to the elite group, Faith is not prepared for her response to the one called Hawke and finds it difficult to keep her desire for him from being noticed. Even though he is also very taken with her, he knows she is pledged to another and would never act on this pull. The newest Feral Warrior does not make it easy to be liked, and it soon becomes evident that his reasons for being there are not at all admirable. Hawke and Faith find themselves caught up in evil schemes and consumed by intense sexual hunger.

Pamela Palmer writes innovative paranormal tales. There is always originality throughout the story, as characters have unique traits plus very distinctive personalities and any incidents they face are definitely not the norm. The Feral Warriors series has been inventive from the first book, and each subsequent story has added more fascinating aspects to the ingenious premise. ECSTASY UNTAMED takes the battle between good and evil to new heights, as motives are tested because of conflicted emotions and wills are influenced. Ms. Palmer is able to get across even the deepest feelings of her characters through reactions and often just their thoughts. I have found books by this author to insightful, but this one sometimes exceeded my expectations in letting me know the innermost yearnings of Hawke and Faith. This in turn had me connecting with this couple in ways I usually do not experience. Hawke has been a favorite Feral Warrior from the beginning, and his own story proves my fondness for this brave individual is justified. His regard for others is very clear through his actions, and how he treats Faith on several occasions had me gaining more respect for him. As for Faith, she continuously surprised me with her honorable responses to more than a few of the circumstances cropping up in her life. The longing these two feel for each other is sky-high, and this passion ignites with explosiveness when their barely held control is unleashed. There are a number of unforeseen revelations disclosed in the story, and some of them will make upcoming books in the series very thrilling. ECSTASY UNTAMED is captivatingly magical with imaginative scenarios and a myriad of matchless beings.

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Review: One Night in London: The Truth About the Duke by Caroline Linden

When the Duke of Durham died, his sons felt the usual loss only to have that compounded when they learned of a secret -  a secret that could take away everything they know and appreciate.  Edward de Lacey, one of the sons, sets to try and fix the situation only to cross paths with Lady Francesca Gordon, who is determined to find her niece.  As the two butt heads, they come to a business agreement that shows the potential of becoming so much more.

One Night in London presents quite an interesting premise to these three sons.  Each seems to have taken a different path in life, serving a role unique to them.  For Edward, he was the organizer, the son with the head for business.  He naturally turned to solicitors to find his answer.  He found, instead, Francesca.  Francesca wanted to find her niece.  She first thought Edward was useless but the more time they spent together, the more use they found for each other.

One Night in London is sure to please readers.  It has all the elements of a fantastic read – scenes that will make you smile and scenes that will make you cry; characters that are engaging and fun to get to know; and a plot that is intriguing and thought-provoking.  Above all, we know more is coming for the de Lacey family.  One Night in London is a delightful start to a series that promises to be riveting and one that will leave us anxiously waiting for more.  Caroline Linden is a superb author!

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Review: A Surprise Party – Sue Welfare

Suzie and Liz might be sisters, but they couldn’t be more different. Whereas Suzie is perfectly happy living in suburbia with her husband and two kids, Liz has always craved the bright city lights. Ruthlessly ambitious and highly driven, Liz has dedicated her life to her career and is now one of the UK’s most famous women after scoring a gig as a judge on a hugely popular reality TV show. Suzie and Liz have never really been close, but with their parents’ 40th wedding anniversary fast approaching, the two sisters decide to put aside any differences which they might have to organize a surprise party for them…unaware of the can of worms which they are about to unleash!

What was meant to be a happy occasion soon turns into a complete and utter nightmare. As always, Suzie is left to do all the hard work, whilst Liz swans around doing nothing at all except for flirting with the workmen and signing autographs. The stress of organizing such a momentous event begins to take its toll on Suzie – and on her family. Suzie’s husband cannot help but feel neglected as Suzie never seems to be around – and their eldest daughter, Hannah has got in with a bad crowd and is constantly causing trouble. Then there’s Suzie’s new business partner who seems to be getting a little bit too close for comfort…

Liz has also got problems of her own. She’s not getting any younger, and although her career is going well at the moment, she knows that there is always somebody younger and prettier ready to usurp her position as the Queen of Reality TV. However, recently Liz has started to worry about her personal life. She’s never been a homebody nor has she ever envied her sister’s home life yet Liz cannot help but wonder whether she will ever meet that special someone. Her latest relationship ended in disaster after her hot-shot boyfriend traded her in for a younger model, and Liz wonders whether she’ll ever find her Mr. Right….or whether she’ll end up like her Aunt Fleur, who has just flown in from Australia for the party, all alone in the world…

Rose and Jack have got no idea that their daughters are organizing a party for them. They were looking forward to spending some quality time with their family and to marking the occasion quietly and without any fuss – especially as they’ve got never mustered up the courage to tell their daughters a secret that could change everything…

Funny, acerbic, believable and immensely readable, Sue Welfare’s A Surprise Party is a wonderfully written story packed with secrets, shocks and revelations that will make readers chuckle. Welfare populates her novel with fabulous characters that leap off the pages and their dilemmas and stories are realistic and convincing because they are our own.

Told with humour and sensitivity, A Surprise Party is a multi-layered tale that skillfully juggles light-hearted comedy with thought-provoking family drama and heartfelt pathos. Fast-paced, provocative and simply unputdownable, A Surprise Party is simply too good to miss!

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Review: The Perfect Hero – Victoria Connelly

As a lifelong Jane Austen devotee, Kay Ashton is an incurable romantic. Although, her daily life is ordinary and mundane, she alleviates the boredom by escaping into the pages of her favourite Jane Austen novels and by dreaming about finding her own Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth. Sadly, perfect heroes are a bit harder to find in the 21st century. Although, each and every single one of Kay’s relationships has ended in disaster, at least her fantasy life has never let her down.

In her fantasy life, not only does Kay have the perfect man by her side, but she’s also living in a picturesque house with spectacular views of the sea. Kay might have lived in the city for most of her life, but she’s a country girl at heart. Sadly, it seems that her dream of having the sea on her doorstep will never come true – until an unexpected legacy leaves her with sufficient funds to make this particular fantasy a reality!

Armed with bucketfuls of enthusiasm and passion, and determined to make a brand new life for herself, Kay gives in her notice, packs her bags and heads off to Lyme Regis adamant that she will find the house of her dreams. Dilapidated Wentworth House might not be exactly what she envisaged, but Kay is convinced that the ramshackle and rundown building is the place she wants to call home for the rest of her life.

As Lyme Regis is an extremely popular tourist destination, Kay realizes that it would make perfect sense to turn Wentworth House into a B&B – and no sooner has she made that decision, that she finds herself besieged by the cast and crew of a new production of Persuasion all desperate for a place to stay! Kay cannot believe her luck. Not only is Persuasion her favourite book, but she’s also going to be sharing her house with some of the UK’s most exciting acting talents – such as dashing heart throb Oli Wade Owen, who has made it perfectly clear that he wants to get to know her better…

Charming, charismatic and absolutely gorgeous, Oli is the kind of man who gives Captain Wentworth a run for his money. Kay finds herself falling for the handsome actor, but is he too good to be true? Kay’s friend, Adam Craig, certainly thinks so. Oli is a renowned womanizer whose exploits with the ladies are frequent tabloid fodder. The shy producer does not want to see Kay hurt – especially as he’s started to see his friend in a whole new light!

Are happy endings possible for the inhabitants of Wentworth House? Or will pride, prejudice and persuasive influences condemn them to an unfulfilling and fruitless existence?

I absolutely adored The Perfect Hero. Written with plenty of flair and style, this charming, funny, fast-paced and feel-good romantic comedy is an irresistible tale of new beginnings and unexpected romance that is absolutely impossible to put down.

Victoria Connelly is an exceptional new voice in romantic fiction whose stories shine with warmth, humour and heart. Her characters are real, believable and absolutely impossible not to care about. I adored romantic Kay, debonair Oli and brooding Adam – and I defy anyone not to fall in love with his eccentric but loveable grandmother who steals the show!

A fabulous contemporary romance that will leave readers with a great big smile on their faces, The Perfect Hero is romantic comedy gold from a fast-rising star!

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Review: That Gallagher Girl – Kate Thompson

Cat Gallagher has no job, no money and no skills save for breaking and entering into other people’s houses and painting breathtaking pictures. After her last venture falls through, Cat finds herself on the road again needing a roof over her head, so she packs what few possessions she’s got and finds herself taking up residence in a beautiful villa in a charming little village on the West coast of Ireland called Lissamore. Cat is looking forward to spending her time painting, relaxing and sunbathing, but little does the free-spirited artist realize that she’s about to get a housemate…

Finn Kinsella had grown up in Lissamore and he’d returned to the village as a favour for his movie star dad, Shane, who’d just bought a villa for Rio, Finn’s mother and Shane’s first love. Finn plans to spend the coming months renovating his father’s new house and trying to forget all about Izzy. Izzy is the only woman he has ever loved. He had planned to spend the rest of his life with her, opening a diving centre in Lissamore and, eventually, building up a family together. But when their relationship had crumbled, Finn and Izzy had gone their separate ways. Burying himself in restoring the derelict villa to its former glory seems the ideal solution to forget about his broken heart – but it looks like Finn’s unexpected housemate, Cat, is about to provide him with some much needed distraction!

Rio Kinsella is delighted that her son Finn has come to Lissamore – but she’s not exactly thrilled when he informs her that her ex, Shane has bought the house for her! Although she has never stopped loving Shane, Rio realized years ago that a future for the two of them was out of the question. Rio has always been extremely happy with her life in Lissamore, whereas Shane is a Hollywood megastar whose jet-set lifestyle doesn’t appeal to Rio in the slightest. Rio might have embarked on a relationship with her old friend, Adair, but deep down she knows that Shane is the only man for her. How will she cope now that Shane plans to spend more time in the village? Will this jeopardize her new relationship?

When Keeley realized that her married lover would never leave his wife or children, she decided to quit her job and to leave the stress and hustle and bustle of the city behind. Keeley had inherited a tiny cottage in the village of Lissamore and a country retreat is exactly what the stressed-out journalist needs! In Lissamore, Keeley soon begins to question the choices she has made in her life and whether she is prepared to make some changes – or whether she wants to repeat the same mistakes which she has made again.

Cat, Rio and Keeley are all at a crossroads in their lives. They are the mistresses of their own destinies, but are they prepared to leap into the unknown? Or will they continue to let their pasts and their insecurities control them?

That Gallagher Girl should come with a warning: once you start reading this book, you will be unable to put it down! Having devoured this book in two days, I was utterly enchanted by Kate Thompson’s irreverent, richly drawn and highly appealing characters. Kate Thompson’s characterization is simply flawless and readers are sure to remember the people that inhabit Lissamore long after the last page is turned.

A fast-paced page-turner that grabs your attention from the very first page, That Gallagher Girl has got it all: breathtaking descriptions of Ireland that will make you want to hop onto the next plane for the Emerald Isle, realistic drama, compelling intrigue and a captivating narrative that will keep you engrossed until the very last page.

A contemporary women’s fiction novel written with depth, sensitivity and style, That Gallagher Girl is an enthralling and spellbinding tale that is sure to delight!

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