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Review: Season of Miracles by Clare Revell

After an attack leaves Holly still reeling with fear, she finds her life intertwined with Kyle who she met at her best friend’s wedding.  Kyle knows who Holly is the minute he meets her, his girlfriend was murdered by the serial killer whose only victim to get away is Holly.

Kyle manages to alienate Holly from the moment they meet, until an accident let’s Holly see a different side of Kyle who is kind and dedicated.  With Kyle’s help Holly is able to find her way back to God.  Looming in the darkness the killer is waiting for an opportunity to finish what he started with Holly.  As she is starting to get her life back, she may face the biggest challenge of them all, survival.

Season of Miracles is a delightful Christmas read.  Clare Revell has written a truly inspirational holiday story.  The fear Holly is facing really comes through while reading this book.  I think it is a wonderful  holiday read that will warm your hearts.

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Review: This Can’t Be Love by Debra St. John

Wanting to escape to somewhere familiar, Jessica Hart shows up at her Grandfather’s cabin only to find a naked man in the tub.  Out of touch with her family and reeling from a recent breakup, the last thing she needs is another man her life but Zach Rawlings won’t leave despite her attempts to kick him out.

Zach agreed to stay and work on Jessica’s grandfather’s home while he was vacationing.  Zach knows Jessica wants him out, but having sublet his apartment he doesn’t plan on leaving despite her attempts to get him to.  Zach finds himself attracted to Jessica and her stubbornness; after a kiss is shared she misunderstands his remarks and begins to self doubt her ability with men.

Often hilarious, This Can’t Be Love is a delightful story that takes a vulnerable Jessica and puts her out of her element when she has to deal with Zach.   I really liked the oozing personality of Zach, he ignites each page with his charisma.  A wonderful story for a rainy day.

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Review: Masquerade Marriage by Anne Greene

In an effort to save herself from being wedded to a violent earl,  Megan MacMurry chooses to rescue a Highland fugitive by marrying him instead.  Knowing that the chosen fugitive warrior is Brody MacCaulay does not ease Megan’s thoughts.  The boy who she remembers taunting her in their youth is far different from the man wanting revenge in front of her now.

Brody agreed to take the name of the MacMurry clan in order to protect his sister and mother.  Not knowing which of the MacMurry sisters he has married, he is thankful when he finds out it is Megan with her fiery spirit.  Believing she chose him because she could possibly love him, Brody is hurt to find her indifference to him on their wedding night.  Brody’s heart will not allow for him to sit and be docile waiting for Megan to see him as her husband, he makes it a point to provoke the passion he knows is hidden inside of her.

A captivating story erupts from the first page of Masquerade Marriage.  This is the type of story you get completely lost in and all of the sudden you are at the end hoping there is more. I really enjoyed the way Anne Greene wrote Brody’s character, you really can identify with his conflicting emotions for Megan.

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