Review: A Criminal Affair by Wendy Burdess

"Wendy Burdess’ third historical romance, A Criminal Affair, is a wonderful story imbued with suspense and adventure which kept me turning the pages late into the night!"

When the impossibly repugnant – but filthy – rich Lord Frederick Farrell proposed marriage to Lady Charlotte Hamilton, the intrepid Regency miss finds herself reluctantly accepting his offer of marriage in order to save her family from destitution after her father’s finances took a tumble due to his reckless investments in America.

As Charlotte begins to spend time with her betrothed, she cannot help but grow increasingly weary and apathetic towards her husband-to-be, who is behaving in a way that is anything but lover-like in her regard! Not only does Charlotte have to put up with Frederick’s indifference, but his mother and sister are not backwards in coming forwards when it comes to showing their lack of regard for her.

The Farrells are terrible hypochondriacs and they engage the services of Doctor Daniel Leigh. Dr Leigh is compelled to look after the family’s needs even though he despises them for wasting his time – not to mention their lives as they are constantly lolling on chaise longues bemoaning their fictional ailments – but at least he gets to see Lord Frederick’s new fiancé, Charlotte…

Charlotte finds herself drawn to Dr. Leigh and as her wedding day approaches, she cannot help but regret her decision at marrying such an odious individual! As dark forces begin to conspire against her, Charlotte begins to wonder whether there’s an enemy close by who doesn’t want her to marry Lord Frederick – and whether she is making the right choice in marrying him when she has fallen head over heels in love with Dr. David Leigh!

A wonderful Regency tale richly spiced with danger and desire, A Criminal Affair is another page-turning historical romance from a writer who gets better and better with every book! Suspenseful, witty, evocative and romantic, A Criminal Affair is a terrific Regency from Wendy Burdess, whose books never fail to delight and enchant!

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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 978-0709087243
Page Count: 224 Pages
Price: $ £18.99
Reviewer: Julie Bonello

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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posted Monday, October 5th, 2009

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