Review: Knock Me For A Loop by Heidi Betts

"Grace Fisher has been getting a bunch of pressure from her friends to help intervene with ex-fiance' famous hockey player Zack Hoolihan who has hurt himself and is refusing to get treatment. With the incidents of the split still fresh in her mind, can she set it aside to help him fullly recover?"

When Grace Fisher decides to  surprise her fiancée’ Zack Hoolihan on his road trip, the last thing she expects is to find is another women in his bed.  Although Zack professes he did nothing and has no idea how she got there, Grace dumps him like a hot potato.  Months later neither have moved on, when Zach hurts himself on the ice and is wallowing in self pity, Grace arrives to help him become the hockey player  he is.

Grace and Zack have a lot of unresolved issues that both have been avoiding.  Grace with her snappy retorts has managed to set Zack on the road to recovery, but he wants to win her heart  too. Adding to the mix of hysterical dynamics is the Yarn Barn group who makes this book into a unique story and a sure delight to knitters.

Heidi Betts writes a hilarious, laugh out loud, story with Knock Me For A Loop.  I was cracking up throughout the story and love the incorporation of knitting to the tale.  Make sure to find a comfy couch and put your feet up, you won’t want to put this book down.

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 0-312-94673-9
Page Count: 340
Price: $ 7.99
Reviewer: Emily

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Sunday, February 28th, 2010

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2 Responses to “Review: Knock Me For A Loop by Heidi Betts”

  1. Paula R. said:

    I loved this story. Grace and Zack were very well-written and I really love how they complement each other. Grace’s attitude and Zack’s pigheadedness made the story so enjoyable. I love how they each had to “break” before they could polish their relationship.

    Betts has a very unique style, and her characters are very real.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.


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