Review: Duchess of Sin (Daughters of Erin) by Laurel McKee

"Irish independence and romance perfectly entwine in DUCHESS OF SIN, where history comes alive."

The second book in the Daughters of Erin trilogy has vastly appealing characters and a storyline with exciting and often risky scenarios. Laurel McKee brings a historical period in Ireland to life by cleverly blending fact with fiction and creating an intriguing romantic tale.

Although Lady Anna Blacknall belongs to the upper crust of society and is English, her life has been touched by the conflicting views of those who want Ireland to unite with England and those who are committed to keeping the country independent. Curiosity plus the desire to forget has her attending a masked ball at a club in Dublin which is surrounded by mystery and has a disreputable reputation. When a man starts talking to Anna, she believes the Irishman is someone from her past whom she has never been able to forget.

Since Conlan McTeer is the Duke of Adair, he is able to move about in public and not be questioned about his every step. What he is secretly doing in Dublin is working with others to keep his country from forming a Union with England. From the moment he spied Anna in the club, he remembered the sharp-witted and desirable woman he once met but does not want her to become caught up in his political fight. Unfortunately, someone thinks Anna is important to Conlan and deadly threats soon crop up in her life.

Laurel McKee masterfully makes adventurous situations seem as though they truly occurred. Ms. McKee takes a politically volatile time in Irish history and constructs a most fascinating story of unexpected love in the midst of these troubled happenings. DUCHESS OF SIN is believable from beginning to end, as actual facts add much realism to numerous events. Whether a ball is in progress or something more daring is taking place, the reader will feel completely drawn into the moment as every instance is vividly depicted with colorful details. Dramatic responses also make for a riveting read, as tempers occasionally flare and emotional reactions are unguarded. The unrest in this country is somehow felt by most everyone, and Ms. McKee repeatedly shows how different individuals are affected and how they react to circumstances which concern them. This story is romantic from time to time and every so often dangerously risky, and each occurrence will touch the reader in some way. I certainly had an emotional reaction during several incidents when something surprising happened to Conlan or Anna. When this couple has an intimate encounter, their desire for the other is exceeding apparent as fervent passions take control and enthusiasm is heatedly expressed.  There are quite a number of secondary characters who play important parts in this story, and readers get to see them fight, love and make crucial decisions which might perhaps change countless lives. DUCHESS OF SIN is an emotionally passionate love story filled with peril and dreams.

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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 978-0446544764
Page Count: 384
Price: $ 7.99
Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

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