Review: Blue by Lou Aronica

"Take a trip with Lou Aronica that brings back your love of magic and everything it can make possible as you immerse yourself in his thought-provoking, creative novel, Blue."

Chris Astor is at a difficult point in his life. In his early forties, Chris is unsure how he arrived at this point, but knows he must work it through. His daughter Becky, at fourteen, has survived challenges in the past that most only read about, but now she is facing another, even greater challenge. Miea is the queen of a fantasy land that Becky and Chris created when Becky was little. Now, they find that their fantasy land has taken on a life of its own, a life that may soon end if the three of them cannot find a solution to the problems facing this land. Becky, Chris and Meia unite together on a journey of discovery that will change everyone involved and irrevocable alter the future.

Blue is an incredible tale of what could be if you only believe and allow yourself to have an open mind. Chris and Becky were incredible as the hero and heroine of Blue. When you added Miea, you had the perfect recipe for a memorable book. The three together worked and worked until they figured out what the problem was. Then they set about fixing it. A story to remember and cherish, Blue and Lou Aronica have a few surprises in store that will leave you will wondering ” what if”?  Blue by talented Lou Aronica will become a resident of your keeper shelf, a book to pull out and read again and each time you will find something more in its pages.

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 9781936558001
Page Count: 400 pages
Price: $ 16.95
Reviewer: Debby

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 5 Stars
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posted Monday, January 17th, 2011

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