Review: Snow Blind by Kara Lynn Russell

"Inspirational story about forgiveness, misunderstandings, and second chances"

Robin Spencer has made a promise to notify the one man she vowed never to see again, Shale Anderson, of his Grandmothers illness.  Shale had walked out on Robin never to return and leaving an open wound in Robin’s heart ever since.

Shale has never forgotten Robin and even though every thread of his inner being wants her to stay, he tries pushing her away.  Shale is punishing himself for sins of his past and feels this is the only way to earn  the peace he wants back in his heart, but when Robin ends up in danger he will stop at nothing to protect her.

Inspirational story about forgiveness, misunderstandings, and second chances. Snow Blind sets a mysterious tone as the story of Shale begins to unravel, I thought his story was very powerful.  An uplifting read.

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-61116-067-3
Page Count: 97
Price: $ 3.99
Reviewer: Emily

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 3.5 Stars
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posted Saturday, February 19th, 2011

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