Review: Nicholas by Cheryl Holt

"Admitting that you have made a mistake is always hard work"

When Miss Emeline Wilson is forced to confront the new Lord Stafford, Captain Nicholas Price, on his neglect of the people on his estate, she sets them both on a course that will change their lives. When Nicholas finally arrives in Stafford, he finds that maybe the way he had his world ordered is not the way he actually wants it to be and he must fight with himself to become the man he needs to be. For admitting one has made a mistake is always hard work.

This book had me kind of all over the place. For the first third of the story, I could see familiar themes that I enjoy in a story and I could see them being a lot of fun so I was eagerly reading and enjoying it. Then, the next third has what I would consider to be some issues. Like the villain and how he is playing things and then the hero becomes just an absolute ass! OMG, honestly at that point in the book, I just couldn’t see it getting any better and if I hadn’t needed to finish it for the review, I would have just said forget it and not picked it up again. However, after that really annoying part it gets pretty good again. Predictable but still a good read. If you are already a fan of this author, I’m sure you will enjoy this book. This particular issue is one I have had with this author before and some other authors as well so maybe that is just me and an element I don’t like.

So in conclusion, about 1/3 is really good, 1/3 is horrible and the last 1/3 is ok.

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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 9781609285876
Price: $ 5.50
Reviewer: Karen

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Sensuality Rating: Sultry
Star Rating: 3 Stars
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posted Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

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