Review: Blue Horizon by J. L. Hammer

"J. L. Hammer presents the reader with an edge of your seat thriller."

The government selects Elena Davidson to work on a secret project known as “Blue Horizon” with a scientist she interned under.  Terrorists, determined to learn the secrets of “Blue Horizon,” kidnap Elena and her colleague while they are in Jordan to consult on the sewage system.  Elena knows she must protect the secret project.  If “Blue Horizon” gets into the wrong hands it could devastate the world.  Elena suffers hours of torture.  Just when Elena fears she might break, a man rescues her from the terrorists.  Can Elena trust him or is he also after “Blue Horizon”?

The government assigns Beckham Connors and his team to rescue Elena and the scientist captured with her.  If he cannot free them from the terrorists, Beckham has orders to kill them to prevent their secret project from falling into the wrong hands.  He frees Elena from a prison in Iran located near the Pakistani border.  Their destination is Pakistan and the team prepared to extract them.  Something about Elena brings out the protective side of Beckham.  Can an innocent woman find happiness with a man who kills for his government?

Captain Cole Davidson cannot get answers about his sister’s abduction.  He learns that a man named McAllister directs the rescue.  Cole does not trust McAllister.  On a failed rescue mission, McAllister withheld information that almost destroyed Cole’s team.  Now Elena’s life is in McAllister’s hands.  Cole knows how to charm women, so he applies his talents to McAllister’s secretary to get the intelligence he needs to plan a rescue attempt of his own.  He did not expect to develop feelings for his target.

Charity Lane cannot believe that the handsome Cole Davidson wants to spend time with her.  After a night of explosive sex, Charity learns that Cole used her to get information from her boss.  Crushed, Charity gets the details of the rescue mission from McAllister’s secret files.  The information she obtains for Cole may cost Charity her life.  Can Cole rescue her before it is too late?

J. L. Hammer presents the reader with an edge of your seat thriller.  Elena and Beckham confront deadly forces determined to get Elena and learn about “Blue Horizon.”  A traitor works against them.  He has an agenda of his own.  Ms. Hammer keeps the reader guessing with plot twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep the pages turning.  Two love stories add spice to the mix.  Can Elena keep “Blue Horizon” safe from the terrorists?

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About the Book:
Genre: suspense
ISBN: 978-1-926893-47-1
Page Count: 337
Price: $ 7.16 Ebook, $24.95 Hardcover
Reviewer: Candy

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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Monday, October 17th, 2011

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One Response to “Review: Blue Horizon by J. L. Hammer”

  1. KJ said:

    From the moment I started BLUE HORIZON I could not put it down. It is filled with danger, intrigue, betrayal, and sexual tension waiting to explode! A great read!