Review: DANGEROUS MAGIC by Alix Rickloff

"Beware the Witch of Kerrow!"

In Cornwall, the year 1812, Gwenyth Killigrew is known as the Witch of Kerrow.  She tends the sick and has a gift that allows her to know what others are feeling and sometimes she can glimpse the future.  Gwenyth has seen her own future, the man she loves will be claimed by the sea leaving her alone, so she avoids relationships.  But Gwenyth desperately wants a daughter to pass on her skills to and to inherit her gift of second sight.

Smuggler Rafe Fleming was wounded as his ship ran from a revenue cutter off the coast of Cornwall.  The locals, who benefit from Rafe’s activities, take him to Gwenyth to be healed.  She realizes Rafe may be the answer to her dilemma; he is a scoundrel who will be gone soon so who better to father her child without danger of them falling in love.  Rafe wants to give up his life of piracy, reclaim his place in society and settle down with a respectable wife.  Rafe and Gwenyth reach an agreement, he will give Gwenyth her child and she will use her gift to discover a suitable wife for Rafe.  Neither Rafe nor Gwenyth expect their futures to become intertwined despite their best efforts.

Award winning author Alix Rickloff weaves an intriguing tale with a paranormal twist which takes place during the Regency era.  Rickloff ensnares her readers with compelling characters, a convincing plot enhanced by her historical research and dialogue peppered with genuine vernacular.  DANGEROUS MAGIC is filled with thrilling adventure, passionate romance and mysterious mystical powers, making it an enticing read for all.

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Genre: historical
ISBN: 9781426892509
Price: $ 5.99
Reviewer: Donna

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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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posted Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

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