Review: Unsettled Book 1: Seeker by Su Halfwerk

"In the first book of the Unsettled series, Su Halfwerk introduces the reader to ancient spirits who protect humans from evil spirits"

Actor Andrew Taylor lost his wife and daughter in a fire set by a stalker.  Andrew feels he failed his family and contemplates killing himself until he learns that the spirit of the arsonist still wanders the Earth.  A Spirit Guide offers Andrew a chance to avenge his family, help mankind, and eliminate the spirit of the killer.  Andrew becomes a Spirit Hunter.  With the Spirit Guide at his side, Andrew hunts spirits who escape Laymour, the realm where spirits wait to be judged.  The escaped spirits possess unsuspecting humans and make them do their bidding.  Andrew frees the humans and returns the spirits to Laymour.  While hunting a possessed boy, Andrew crosses paths with a woman who thinks he wants to harm the boy.  Using Martial Arts, she attempts to rescue the boy, but Andrew finds a way to subdue her and free the boy without harming either one.  Andrew cannot forget the woman, but, as a Spirit Hunter, carnal desire is forbidden.  How will Andrew react when he finds out that the woman is part of his future?

Bad luck follows Adoria Hall.  Adoria lost her last job when a thief took a gun from the store she guarded.  She almost caught up with him, but a man got in her way.  When she sees that the thief is a young teen she feel sorry for him and tries to rescue him from the man.  One moment she attacks him and the next she is waking up on the sidewalk.  Adoria gets a lead for another job working security for an actor.  She hates the idea, but she helps support her sister and niece so she needs money.  She gets the job, but only after she saves Andrew Taylor’s life when a man pulls a knife on him.  Adoria finds Andrew attractive, but the last thing she needs is to become involved with an actor.  He seems to return her interest, but actors are nothing but trouble.  Strange things keep happening around Andrew and Adoria wants to find out why.  Will she learn Andrew’s secret?

In the first book of the Unsettled series, Su Halfwerk introduces the reader to ancient spirits who protect humans from evil spirits.  Specially selected human Spirit Hunters get the power to detect and release a spirit who possesses a human.  The one drawback to being a Spirit Hunter is no sex.  The Hunter must remain pure or he/she risks possession.  Andrew and Adoria try to fight the attraction they feel for each other, but something keeps pulling them together.  Andrew’s Spirit Guide warns him against becoming involved with the female, but he finds himself thinking about her whenever he has time to himself.  Can Andrew resist Adoria or will evil win out?

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Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-55487-972-4
Page Count: 291
Price: $ 5.99
Reviewer: Candy

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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posted Saturday, January 28th, 2012

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