Shoe Addicts Anonymous Contest

SHOE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS—Beth HarbisonIf you LOVE shoes this is the contest for you!

To celebrate the release of the book Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison we’re giving away five (yes, 5!) copies of the book.

How do you enter? Leave a comment below telling us all about your favorite pair of shoes. What makes them so special? The designer? Comfort? Color? Sparkle? All of the above?

Contest rules:

Contest begins Aug. 1 and ends Aug. 7. Winner will be selected and announced on Aug. 8.

Entrants may not have won a contest at within the past 30 days.

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posted Monday, July 30th, 2007 | filed under ST Contest

100 Responses to “Shoe Addicts Anonymous Contest”

  1. Cassie said:

    My favorite pair of shoes has been affectionately dubbed my “stripper shoes” by my best friend and I. The shoes have three-inch clear plastic heels so they remind me a bit of Cinderella. The toe straps are slim and covered with silver glitter. The best part, though, is that the heels light up with every step, like those shoes little kids wear! The lights are orange, green, and red. People can definitely see me coming when Im out clubbing. I’ve gotten lots of compliments (and blisters, sadly) from my stripper shoes! :mrgreen:

  2. LindaH said:

    Great contest and I love the question :) My favorite pair of shoes are a black pair of heel boots my fiance got me. They are my favorite because they are so comfortable and they look very nice with all my dressy outfits. They make me feel really sexy when I wear them.

  3. Rachael said:

    I like my shoes to have big heels and lots of attitude. Pink, Black, Purple, I love them all. Just make them dangerously tall. I like shoes that clink when I walk. I like shoes that make people talk. I like shoes that look good on me, so this is why you will favorite shoes of all are the ones you can not see.

  4. tami said:

    I like northwest terrian, sort of hiking shoe
    though I dont hike, but it has good support and arch support :mrgreen:
    Im weird huh, but I usually wear mocassins or go barefoot

  5. cathy M said:

    Once I retired, I threw out all my heels and only wear Birkenstock’s, of which I have 18 pairs. Definitely the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

  6. Donna said:

    I am all for comfort now but there was a time… I had these red, red, red platform sandals with strappy straps! I wore them with my mini skirts and bell bottom jeans! But the thing I loved most was the fact that my then boyfriend, now husband, loved them on me too! Today I live in my Crocs!

  7. Lis said:

    My favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes are a pair of platform steve madden shoes I bought about eight years ago. They’re jet black and lace up. I wear them to concerts, hockey games, pretty well anywhere that I’ll be doing a lot of walking because they don’t hurt my feet. And at concerts the extra few inches helps see the stage if I’m further back :grin:

  8. aBookworm said:

    Okay, my first comment didn’t show up. :cry: Let me try again.

    Mine are an old pair of sandals that are as comfortable as they’re worn. The brand name’s faded, the strap’s hanging by a thread, but it’s oh-so smooth to the touch and supports my arch really well. They’re so well broken in that I fear nothing will ever replace them.

  9. Ali said:

    My favorite pair of shoes?
    Well, when I first started working a real job I went shopping and bought my first and only pair of $200 shoes. Oh, but they are just fab! :smile: They’re these black leather dress sandals with three inch heels. These shoes just make me feel sexy whenever I wear them :wink: I can wear them on a day I’m no feeling oh so pretty, and suddenly I can conquer the world… or at least my date, lol

  10. Marcy Arbitman said:

    My favorite shoes are multicolor ballet slippers. They are soooo comfortable that I think that I will have to bury them when they have died! :razz: :mrgreen:

  11. JUDY COX said:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of Crocs. I have wore them for over two years and they still look like they did the first day I wore them. I am a large woman and they do so well for my feet. They are the terrain type, brown with the leather on top with laces.

  12. Christy H said:

    SHOES! One of my favorite subjects and obsessions. I have over 100 pair and I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. I love my pink flip flops for comfort ~ but, they can’t be just plain ol’ flip flops ~ mine have marabou trim on them. I also have a pair of kitten heel pink marabous that I love. And…I just bought a pair of brown kitten heel strappy shoes with pink polka dots.

  13. Brit said:

    My favorite shoes are my boots, which go well with my spurs…really. But since people look at me strange when I wear spurs and a horse in nowhere in sight, my second choice is almost indescribable. I wish I could include a picture. They’re black, J Renee, low mesh mules, with mesh and beads in the center in rolled tubes…24, 2inch skinny tubes with a single bead in each.

  14. Erin Aislinn said:

    What a great idea for a contest!
    I have a new pair of slip on sandals with a bit of a platform heel, just perfect enough for a stylish look and still comfortable for walking. They blue criss-cross leather top covers enough of the foot to keep it from getting sunburned. I love my Birckenstocks, but this is the most stylish and comfy sandal I’ve ever owned.

  15. admin said:

    shoes Testing a photo: You can add photos to the comments section here. If you’ve got your shoes uploaded to flickr, simply grab the html code they give you and insert it. It’ll show up like the image here. And no, I don’t actually own these gorgeous heels. ;(

  16. Sandra M said:

    My favorite pair of shoes are dressy flip flops. Mine have jewel straps and a neat design. They look dressy, but they are still comfortable and casual. They go with everything and I can wear them to dinner at a nice restaurant or to play baseball with my son (they’re easy to kick off when I really have to run!). My shoes are wearing out quick though, so I’ll have to get a couple more pairs!

  17. Brit said:

    I took a photo of my favorite pair and left it at the above addy. And also promoted this contest.


  18. Wilma Frana said:

    My favorite pair of shoes was actually a pair of cowboy boots. I wear jeans most of the time, and I just love them. However, because of back problems that have worsened over the years, I have had to quit wearing them. :sad:

  19. Cassie Ryan said:

    Comfort is always first, but then sexy, great colors and fun come into play :)

  20. MARY BRANHAM said:

    My favorite pair of shoes were when I was sixteen. I had a pair of red suede spikes. I really thought I was it in them. No other shoes have stuck in my mind like those red ones. The sad thing is that was 44 years ago. See how much they meant to me.

  21. Susan said:

    My favorite shoes are my summer sandals. They’re comfy and cool.

  22. Susan Wise said:

    I love the old fashion Keds canvas flats. They are always comfortable and in such an array of color that they go from casual to fancy anytime. I must have at least 10 pair and switch them back and forth to go with each outfit. They are inexpensive to buy which makes it even nicer.

  23. Susan Wise said:

    I love Keds canvas flats. They go with everything, come in every color you can imagine and are inexpensive. A must for every wardrobe.

  24. linda bass said:

    :twisted: i am retired now but i still have a pair of CFM 6 inh grey stilletoes! :lol:

  25. Summer Jordan said:

    :smile: My favorite shoes are ones that feel good, which eliminates most that I have. :wink: My feet are narrow and I can’t find any that are really comfortable, but I do love my silver spike heeled slides, even tho’ they hurt! :sad:

  26. Kim Crane said:

    My favorite pair of shoes are these sexy, high heeled cream fabric stilettos. I feel so good in them that I decided they would be my wedding shoes. It didn’t stop me from buying another couple of pairs of shoes to run around in with my guests that weekend though!

  27. Marla A said:

    My favorite shoes are an old pair of flip flops. They are just plan old beige but the best thing to have on my feet.

  28. susan varney said:

    my long black zip-ups they look so sexy

  29. Linda Moeller said:

    I have this nasty pair of blue Reeboks that I bought for like $19 because they were destined to go to the UK and are marked SIZE 4 1/2 UK.
    Great shoes but I figured they’d only last a few months because they were SO cheap.

  30. Cy (pronounced sigh) said:

    My black four-inch heel sandals — I can put them on and a hat, along with my thong…..and have all kinds of fun the rest of the night….but they are also comfortable to wear out dancing.

  31. Becky said:

    I’m 95% tom girl. I have dress shoes for work, but I hate dressing up therefore my favorite pair of shoes are not dressy. lol

    They are actually a pair of pink Nike Athletic shoes. I have a problem with finding shoes that fit right because I have big feet. I found these shoes and I absolutely love them. They are slip ons, cushy and springy, but firm and supportive to my arches and feet. I can run, jog, walk, and stand in them for hours and my feet won’t hurt and they are classy enough that I can wear them to semi-formal occasions and still look nice.

  32. Lesha Anderson said:

    My favorite shoes are a pair silver heels with a tie that wraps aroun the ankles. I got them when I was visiting family in Chicago.

  33. Kristin said:

    My favorite shoes have to be the pair I got last Easter. They’re a pair of 1940′s style slingback heels with a crocheted flower by each toe. What made me salivate was that they–
    shoe, heel, and embroidered flower– are shiny, Pacific Ocean Blue, with the shoe itself enspangled with blue glitter. They’re The Wizard of Oz and Swing Kids in footwear form.

    I had tried them on at Christmas but couldn’t justify the cost; by April the price had dropped but they no longer had my size. Another branch did. I drove 40 miles to the other location to purchase those shoes.

    They’re glamourous and whimsical and absolutely *me*.

  34. Crystal G said:

    I don’t have one favorite pair of shoes. I have a couple of favorite brands that I wear a different style of shoe from daily. Born & Timberland. My feet don’t like anything else. :lol:

  35. Kathryn said:

    My favourite shoes are a vintage pair of Emmanuel Ungaro. They have spiked heels and are red, racy and European. I call them my limousine shoes because the only sidewalk action they endure is walking from a high-class hotel to a chauffeured car.

  36. angela barabas said:

    My favorite pair of shoes are purple. Everyone thinks i am crazy to wear them but i am almost 60 years old and have been through a lot of trauma in my life and i love shoes. But the greatest shoes are my purple ones

  37. Mary O said:

    My favorite pair? No contest – it’s “Vertigo” from Carlos by Carlos Santana.

    I bought my first pair in black, and was stunned to discover how comfortable they were. I loved them so much, I bought them in bronze (and paid full price!). And I loved those so much, I went back and bought another pair in black–as a backup for when the first pair dies.

    These shoes make my short, muscular legs look long and sexy. I wear them with everything – skirts, jeans, slacks. And I get compliments wherever I go.

  38. Brit said:

    Kristin, take a picture and show us…

    Brit Blaise

  39. Brit said:

    Oh man, I’m wigging out. I have to have pictures. I found a pic of Mary O’s and posted it.

  40. Margaret Ball said:

    Did anyone say shoe or shop maybe

  41. Trisha McKee said:

    My favorite are a pair of dark green heels that have gold specks. They match perfectly with my favorite shirt- dark green with gold specks. The shoes also match a number of other outfits- and the comfort…. awesome!

  42. MEGAN said:

    :wink:i love all types of shoes, but my fave shoes are my walking shoes and my slippers, i am most comfortable in them. :smile:

  43. donna pavcik said:

    best shoes: nike cross trainers with air in the bottom of the shoe, not the inserts. 6 years old, just part of my feet

  44. Brian Morin said:

    I love my Adidas sandals. I wear them every day from April to October.

  45. Cathy Wilcox said:

    My favorite shoes are rinestone embellished black pumps. I have worn them with jeans, as well as formal wear. They always make me feel special.

  46. Jenilee Chua said:

    My favorite pair of shoes would be my converse chucks. Besides being the most expensive footwear I have bought, I like it because of its colors. :grin:

  47. Sandra Bon said:

    :oops: Years ago while at work renting up new apartments, my assistant said; ” sandra, look down”. I had on two different shoes colors. The same shoe exactly but two different colors. She asked if I was going home to change. I told her that I was not, that everyone here knows the applicants are driving me nuts.

  48. Yvonne Huff said:

    I really don’t have a favorite pair of shoes. I’m still looking for the perfect shoe.

  49. Great2bcreative said:


    My son bought these (photo to follow) orange “Crocs” and gave them to me on Mother’s Day several years ago. They are the best! They’re incredibly comfortable and easy to slip my foot into. I loved them so much I went on to buy a blue pair and another outrageous color. Lime green.

    The first time I wore them—I went shopping at our local mall. A store clerk came up to me and commented on my shoes. Honestly, I can’t remember what she said but it was something along the lines “Wow, those are some bright shoes.” I looked down at them and thought, “Yep. She’s right.” Then I told her how comfortable they were and then some. But then I noticed a trend. Everyone stared at my shoes. “What is up with that,” I thought.

    After I came home from the mall, it dawned on me. “I have ‘clown’ shoes on.” Let’s just say—I don’t have small feet for a woman. So my orange “Crocs” are relegated to schelping around the house. The blue shoes I’ll wear with jeans. And as for the lime green, well, I wear them when I feel daring.

    These shoes are better than slippers and I can wear them to work! Even my nine-month old puppy likes them. He’s at the chewing stage. But they’re still in great shape.

  50. Sheila Wanner said:

    I love designer shoes, I love the colors, the stylish look and the heads that turn when I wear them. But truthfully, I’m most comfortable in my old well worn and paint splattered pair of Ked sneakers, which have become my true guilty pleasure in life. :lol:

  51. Tamara said:

    I have to admit, that my favorite shoes are Crocs. I have three pairs at the moment, and I wear them everywhere. They are extremely butt ugly, but oh so comfy, goodbye corns and blisters!!

  52. Lisa Lange said:

    My Favorite Shoes

    Well, it’s a tie between my daily runners, and my black leather ‘vixen’ boots. Classy boots, mind you…no spiked heels for me (not that spiked heels are not classy, but if you saw me – typical suburban mom, you would see what I mean). The kind that zip up on the inside of the calf, halfway up to the knee. Aside from the cosmetic differences between the two, they are quite similar.

    Both can be worn with a skirt or jeans…yes, sometimes when running home from the office, one can trade her kitschy little dress-shoes for runners when wearing a skirt.

    Trip-free trust: Despite the fact that the heels on these much adored boots of mine are 2 inches high, the boots are up there with the runners – I can run in both (trust me, I have jogged many a mile down the office hallway in the boots).

    Both are classy – yes, even the runners. I figure any woman who can run all day chasing kids – to school, to the grocery store, at the park, to the emergency room with a hurt kid, then to work, and STILL look just as classy in her boots at the end of the day, can be called CLASSY!

    Functionality? You betcha. These babies, and I mean both the runners and the boots, have rubberized bottoms, great for walking on slippery, rain-sodden cement; and are even better for kicking someone where it counts!

    Escapism. In the boots, I feel like another person; a fantasy. Someone else aside from the run-around mother. I can walk for miles in either, and the runners carry me away for a while when I walk/hike (don’t forget to hike the skirt up a notch when wearing said boots!).

    When either pair call my name, I can always relish the fact that I have them, they are mine, and that I can be whoever I want to be in them!

    Lisa McManus Lange
    Victoria, BC
    August 3, 2007

  53. Petra said:

    I just love sneakers – comfy it’s the way to be. Can’t stand high heels

  54. Gemma Halliday said:

    I have to pick just one pair? :shock:

    Okay, my favorite of favs has to be my Rebel high heeled red patent leather Mary Janes. They are amazingly comfortable and the red really makes any outfit pop. I love them so much I’m actually writing a novella right now based off this pair of shoes. Yeah, I know. I’m a serious addict.


  55. JC said:

    Dolce & Gabbana leopard print stilettos, a/k/a “valet parking shoes”

  56. Jane Hixon said:

    all shoes….can never have enough…I love my bright red boots…a gift from my family.

  57. Terri DeProspero said:

    My favorite is a little black pair of simple pumps. Go with just about everything.

  58. Shirley Younger said:

    My favorite shoes are my dusty, smelly bedroom slippers but they are so comfy, I just cannot part with them~

  59. JONI CHADWELL said:


  60. Patricia Elliott said:

    love sketchers

  61. Sandy M said:

    Give me a comfy pair of houseshoes any day of the week! :lol:

  62. Donna Coughlin said:

    PICK ME TO WIN :razz:

  63. Jane Squires said:

    Second attempt. This website has been a royal pain to open today. It has taken me 5 tries to get here. Even while typing I was booted and said error and I had to try again.
    My favorite shoes are black with sequins – slip ons from Walmart. As far as brand I wouldn’t know. Just $ 10 shoes. But they have support and comfort which I have to have with rhuemotoid arthritis. Comfort is what is most important to me. I cannot wear types of shoes I would like since I broke an ankle.
    Enter me in contest please.

  64. Michelle Rosborough said:

    I LOVE my black square toed cowboy boots soooooooooo much I would sleep in them if I could.LOL

  65. Susan Smith said:

    My favoite shoes are my sandals

  66. kathy said:

    I am on me feet all day so I love shoes that make my feet feel like they are walking on pillows :razz:

  67. Sandy Yashnyk said:

    I love all my shoes :grin: , but my favorites are a pair of suede boots. They’re black with a two inch heel and are extremely comfortable!

  68. cathy said:

    Hi. I’m Cathy and I’m a shoe addict. A broke one but still I love shoes. My favorite shoes are a pair of monkey flip flops because my hubby says I’m his cheeky little monkey

  69. Laurie G said:

    I’m afraid that I’m just not into designer stuff. My favorite shoes are Saucony running shoes that I’ve had for about a year. They’re so COMFORTABLE,durable attractive.. white with pretty aqua and blue stripes/mesh. I can throw them oo and walk or bike for miles and miles, run errands. I cannot be without them!

  70. Miranda Allen said:

    My favorite pair of shoes are my crocs, I got them when I was pregnant and have not gave them up yet.

  71. Adrienne Caudill said:

    My favorite pair of shoes I don’t even own. They were at DSW for $300, and I of course couldn’t justify their purchase, so I would visit them occasionally, try them on, tell some old guy I would let him feel up my toes if he would buy them for me, etc. They were a black and white polka dotted spectator with 4 inch heels by Moschino in a Mary Jane style. They felt like I was walking on a cloud, and they made my legs look like I should insure them for a million dollars. I am sure that someone undeserving bought them with their husband’s platinum Visa, and they will wear them once and never again. I will always have those brief moments, though.

  72. Kelly Drawdy said:

    My favorites are my riding sneakers. Broke in and comfortable and when I’m wearing them it means I’m with my horses. :lol:

  73. Jennifer Maslowski said:

    I love my Crocs Prima, I have every color!

  74. Tamara Leonard-Merritt said:

    I have two favorites.

    My first were my black leather and wood Bear Traps from 1977 or 1978. They were HIGH heels I could actually walk and run in.

    My others were my Cobbie Cuddler sandals. I am disabled now, and they are worn out and I cannot find anymore :-(

  75. Abigail Caulder said:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of flats I bought from Hot Topic. They’re black and white striped with little pink hearts all over them, and one big heart on the side. They are so comfy and cute and I wear them EVERYWHERE! :mrgreen:

  76. Buddy Garrett said:

    My favorite shoes are a pair of Bruno Magli in black of course that reeks of class and danger.

  77. Mya Brooks said:

    My favorite shoes are actually none. I prefer bare feet! I have the cutest feet and toes and love to flaunt. Not to mention freak people out with outlandish colors on my toenails.

  78. Vicki Chrzanowski said:

    My favorite shoes are sandals!! A pair of flip flops, a pair leather thongs to a dressy pair for the evening.

  79. Ed Nemmers said:

    A pair of older crocodile skinned cowboy boots that give me even more of a bit of height and feel so comfortable with a pair of faded jeans would be my favorite.

  80. Desmond Warzel said:

    I had a pair of British Knights sneakers once…extremely comfortable, and they had green trim, which was a really unusual design.

  81. Samantha Pruitt said:

    :mrgreen: My favorite pair of shows are my brown sling back peep toe pumps with a cute little bow on the toe, i got them from a thrift store and they were only 6 bucks, eeeee

  82. Izzie Shakespeare said:

    Shoes can really make an outfit, and I love heels that are 4″ high or higher. My favorite shoes, however, for schlepping around the house, are some plastic sandals which I refer to as my “prison shoes” because they are worn by prisoners (as seen on TV) in this State!

  83. Lisa J said:

    My favorite shoes are my cute black shoes. The are open toed, perfect for the summer, have a low heel, and have cute little straps. They are comfortable to wear, and have lasted forever.

  84. Linda said:

    I bought my first adult flip flops a few years ago at age 40 after I had attended a wedding in shoes that just absolutely killed my feet. I stopped at a department store after the ceremony and purchase a pair of red sequined Kenneth Cole flip flops and I wore them to the reception. I got a lot of complements on them and this started my great love affair with flip flops. I must own close to 50 pairs of all colors and materials!

  85. mike said:

    My shoes are the Wal-mart five dollare specials and I have not had a better pair of shoes. They are brazen gray and are comfortable as can be. They have traveled on my feet a year plus now from Canada to West Virginia, and everywhere in between. I joked with my friends that I wear shoes with velcro so I don’t miss anything while tying shoes. Come to find out people spend an average of four hours in a lifetime tying shoes, so who is the lucky one.

  86. Heather said:

    My favorite pair of shoes has got to be a really cheap pair of flip flops I bought at JCPenney one day. They are thick shoes with a huge flower at the y at the top. Everyone who sees them just loves them, and they go with just about everything, since they are beige shoes. Since I live in a climate where it’s usually hot, I can wear them almost year round! Yea!

  87. Betty said:

    My favorite shoes are my Reeboks. They provide great arch support and keep my feet feeling good while I stand on concrete floors all day.

  88. Ironeyes said:

    My favorite pair of shoes have been with me for a long time. They are penny loafers, traditional dark brown. They are extremely comfortable and functional. Leather soles and rubber heels. Yes, there is a penny in them. I keep them polished and I’ve mink oiled them at least once per year. When not in use I have shoe trees in them to keep their form. Next to those coming in at a close second are the black western style boots. I treat those as well as the loafers and those have been with me for a couple of decades.

  89. Brandy said:

    :mrgreen: My favorite pair of shoes is actually professional nurse shoes. They are comfy and slip on. I’m not a nurse.

  90. Timothy Sternberg said:

    My favorite pair of shoes has been affectionately dubbed my “stripper shoes”.

  91. elsie said:

    A shoe…a shoe…what to do? I love shoes! In any color, any style, any designer, as long as it goes on my foot, I am happy. I would love to be able to coordinate a different pair of shoes with each different outfit that I wear. Now, that is a dream!

  92. Betty said:

    Sexy! Brown snake skin sling backs on three inch heels that screamed sex!

  93. kerri renner said:


  94. john pratt said:

    my favorite shoes are my running shoes. i have ten pair of adidas jogging shoes. i run 3 miles or more every day for exercise and rotate the pairs so they don’t wear out. i think running shoes are the best because they are protecting your feet while you are getting exercise which is good for the body and the blood pressure. i love my running shoes.

  95. Dixie said:

    my driving mocassins for comfort.
    my 3 inch heels because they make my legs look so good.

  96. tricia cecil said:

    I work all day in tennis shoes, I work in a doctor’s office, so when I get home, I kick off my shoes, put on my favorite pair of chocolate color Nine West flips, and this is where my most comfort is.


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