Review: Greek Lover by Kate Hofman

Beth Langham is used to being treated as if she were invisible, working for her famous cousin has let her see it all when it comes to powerful people and their personalities.  When she is abruptly fired for talking to a man who peaked her cousins interest, she finds herself without money or shelter.  Taking  a job in an art gallery, she finds she has two fairy godfathers who only want to see to her protection and make sure she is well taken care of.  Meeting their friend Chrysandros Xenakis changes things though, for Chrysandros has a reputation for loving women and his interest in Beth doesn’t go unnoticed.  Should Beth follow her heart and stay by Chrysandros side, even though it won’t be forever or should she heed the warnings from his family who want to tear them apart?

Intriguing story, Beth is a bit sheltered when it comes to certain things.  Chrysandros finds those qualities endearing and although he sets out to be her lover, he finds he doesn’t tire of her and he finds he is changing his mind frequently when it comes to the quiet beauty he likes to keep by his side.

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posted Monday, December 10th, 2012 | filed under DCL Publications