Review: A Love Untamed – Feral Warriors Series by Pamela Palmer

"A LOVE UNTAMED is intriguing with suspenseful uncertainties."

As the threats escalate in the seventh book of the Feral Warriors series, an emotional connection between the main characters also grows because of admiration plus desire. The fascinating world of these courageous shape-shifters is forever changing in A LOVE UNTAMED, and Pamela Palmer makes any conflicts extremely personal time and again.

There are few actual shape-shifters left in our world after a huge battle, and they are known as Feral Warriors. When one of them dies, another takes his place, and the latest one to join the group is called Fox. He knows his life will now totally change, as he will be dedicating himself to keeping the Mage from ever reaching their sinister goals. Soon after arriving at his new home, Fox meets several Ilinas, a warrior race of females.

One of them in particular catches his eye, but Melisande is not responsive to him at all and this only makes him notice her even more. When the two must work together, she is very unhappy as beings like him caused her much suffering many years ago. Also making her angry is the fact she is all too aware of him as a male. As they go in search of the Mage with several others, Melisande comes to comprehend Fox is not like any other shape-shifter with whom she has come in contact, yet trusting him will not be easy.

The Feral Warriors series always has innovative scenarios, and Pamela Palmer lets her creative mind soar to new heights of danger in A LOVE UNTAMED. With an abundance of extraordinary events, there are quite a few scenes where something could impact the future of either Fox or Melisande. These two find themselves participating in countless unusual situations not of their making, and escaping without coming to harm often seems hopeless. While other Feral Warriors do have battles to fight, it is this couple who must face the brunt of the physical threats caused by the Mage. These evil beings are once again single-minded in doing away with everyone who might possibly try to stop any evil plan they concoct, and their determination to win is repeatedly carried out in shocking ways. This series is always edgy and sometimes rather dark, and when these themes are apparent, the atmosphere feels very menacing because of realistic peril. There are also several instances where the mood is more lighthearted for a short period, and these times brought a smile. Fox proved his hero status is well earned on a number of occasions, and his compassionate nature is depicted by how he reacts toward Melisande. When she was met in previous books, she did not come across as a likable person. Even when this story starts, she still seems to be a tough female with little empathy for others. However, there came a moment when I saw her in an entirely different light because of newly divulged revelations and then realized how circumstances had shaped her. The past plays a huge part in the relationship between Fox and Melisande, and it also greatly influences how they respond to the lusty feelings they feel for each other. While much history about the Feral Warriors is explained, having read the earlier books in the series would significantly improve your reading pleasure. Pamela Palmer enthralls with original characters and complicated dilemmas, plus there is constant danger and action aplenty in A LOVE UNTAMED.

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About the Book:
Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-0062107510
Page Count: 384
Price: $ 7.99
Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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posted Monday, December 31st, 2012

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