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A wonderfully magical tale of renewal, deliverance and finding love in unexpected places, Fiona Harper’s Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe is an indulgent treat you cannot do without this holiday season!

Louise Thornton’s life is seemingly perfect: she’s married to Hollywood heartthrob Tobias Thornton, has got a gorgeous son, millions in the bank and the world at her feet. But beneath the glossy hair and designer wardrobe lies a broken-hearted woman who is sick and tired of being lied to by her philandering husband. The time has come for Louise to take charge of her own life and to begin afresh away from the glaring lens of the paparazzi. Newly divorced and bored with her superficial life in London, Louise packs her bags and heads off to the countryside where she buys a gorgeous stately home in Devon. Louise just wants to take stock of her life, recharge her batteries and figure out what she’s going to do next. Falling in love is certainly not option, so why can’t she stop thinking about her gorgeous gardener Ben Oliver?

Ben is also going through a tough time at the moment. His wife had called time on their marriage because she felt stifled by the constraints of suburbia and had gone off to find herself, his daughter is growing up way too fast for his liking and he’s running himself ragged juggling the demands of his landscape gardening business with single parenthood. The only respite Ben has from his busy life is tending to the grounds around Whitehaven, the magnificent house that once belonged to an iconic British actress. Whitehaven has lain abandoned for years and shown no sign of coming off the market – which is why Ben is flabbergasted when he is ordered off the grounds by Louise Thornton, the new owner who has got high maintenance written all over her! After his disastrous marriage, Ben had vowed never to go near another high maintenance woman ever again, so why can’t he get Whitehaven’s new owner out of his head?

Having already been burnt in the past, Ben and Louise are initially reluctant to put their hearts on the line again. But when attraction gives way to something deeper, will they finally find the courage to grab this second chance at happiness? Or will they continue to allow fear and past mistakes to stand in their way?

Award-winning author Fiona Harper’s single title debut, Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe, is a moving, uplifting and deliciously feel-good tale I couldn’t bear to put down! With a fantastic heroine to cheer for, a gorgeous hero any woman would love to find under her Christmas tree, rib-tickling humour, heart-warming drama and tender romance, Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe is the perfect book to curl up with to banish away the winter blues!

Full of cheer, charm and heart, Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe is a funny, beguiling and fabulously romantic tale from the fantastic Fiona Harper!

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 9780263902518
Page Count: 384 Pages
Price: $ £6.99
Reviewer: Julie Bonello

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Saturday, January 5th, 2013

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