Review: Under The Gun: The Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles by Hannah Jayne

"Hannah Jayne returns to her Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles series with an exciting story of murder and loyalty."

Sophie Lawson is the only human working for the Underworld Detection Agency.  Her co-workers do not fully trust a “breather” but Sophie does not let that bother her.  She has a job to do and she does it well.  Her roommates are vampires and her father is the devil…literally!  Sophie thought her old boss, werewolf Pete Sampson, was dead until he appears at her door looking for help.  Someone wants him killed.  Two ruthless werewolf bounty hunters accepted a contract to eliminate him.  Pete needs to find out who took out the contract.  Sophie agrees to help him.  Before she can begin her investigation, however, her sexy fallen angel boyfriend, Alex, pulls her into the investigation of some brutal murders.  It looks like the killer is a werewolf.  After the werewolf bounty hunters successfully cleaned up the werewolf population, there are few shifters left.  Could the killer be Pete?


Alex is a fallen angel and he works for the police department.  He uses his unique abilities to solve crime.  The office of the Underworld Detection Agency is in the basement of the police station.  Sophie works with the police whenever a supernatural being commits a crime.  The murders appearing around the city are too brutal for a human to commit.  Alex asks Sophie to accompany him to a crime scene to see if she might be able to figure out what kind of supernatural being might be responsible for the murders.  Sophie agrees.  The shear brutality of the murders upsets Sophie, but she cannot let herself believe that Pete is the killer.  Was there another werewolf in town?


Hannah Jayne returns to her Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles series with an exciting story of murder and loyalty.  Sophia made a mistake when she and Alex broke up:  She had sex with the man assigned to be her guardian.  Now Sophia wants Alex back, but murder keeps getting in the way.  Sophia also wants to protect her former boss, but the evidence keeps pointing to Pete.  Add to the mix a pair of really scary bounty hunters who specialize in werewolves, and Sophia has her hands full trying to keep Pete safe.  Can Sophia find out who took the contract out on Pete, keep him safe, and still help Alex solve the murders?


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Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2505-4
Page Count: 416
Price: $ 7.99
Reviewer: Candy

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Thursday, January 24th, 2013

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