Review: Midnight Alias: Killer Instincts Series by Elle Kennedy

"MIDNIGHT ALIAS is chillingly believable with merciless villains, perilous threats and seemingly impossible odds."

Danger never lets up in the second book of the Killer Instincts series, as those with criminal intentions will let nothing stop their illegal plans. Elle Kennedy has created a group of mercenaries who are equally determined to carry out their missions regardless of the risk to themselves, where success is the only option that will leave them in high spirits.

When the DEA could not find one of their own and fear someone revealed his identity to the wrong person, they called in the group who gets results their own way. Although many on the team were previously in the military, they now only answer to the man who brought them all together. The latest undertaking by Luke Dubois and his fellow operatives is to observe a strip club in Manhattan where the man regularly visited before disappearing. After learning one of the dancers, Olivia Taylor, might have information pertaining to the missing undercover agent, he is to get close to her and discover what she perhaps does know.

The undesirable career as an exotic dancer started because there were too many medical bills for Olivia to pay, but her gangster boss took advantage of a horrific event and now she is under his control. When it seems time is running out for the DEA agent, details are quickly needed. Luke manages to tell Olivia that she can be helped out of her dire situation if she in turn aids their mission. She really wants to get back to her unexciting life and agrees to his proposal. As Luke works more and more with Olivia, she likes how he treats her yet knows he is not right for her because his life is filled with risk-taking.

Suspense and passion are perfectly balanced throughout MIDNIGHT ALIAS, and both are vividly realistic. Elle Kennedy keeps the surprises coming in the novel, as the bad guys prevent their secrets from becoming known until the last second, thus causing way too many problems for those gutsy individuals who work for Jim Morgan. And what an incredible team it is! The various talents its members possess are very notable, and the way they work together is also impressive. When all the men on the team get together, the camaraderie between them is shown with clever comebacks. If they are on an assignment, the trust among the group is unmistakable. Several of the members do seem hardened by real life experiences, and it makes showing their emotions difficult at times. But when their assistance is really needed, most come through and prove their hero status is well deserved. Luke is a good-natured man, and his Southern manners come through when a smile is needed. However, if those for whom he cares are in danger, then the perpetrator causing the problem had better watch out. I really felt for Olivia and the unfortunate situations she was facing, as none of the circumstances were really her fault. Being thrust into the role of caregiver with no real support would be hard on anyone, and sadly her choices only made things worse. She did earn my admiration by actually making plans for the future, and she never let any disappoints keep her from still trying to make things better. When Luke comes into Olivia’s life, the spark between them is electrifying, and any resulting sexual activity is conveyed with barely controlled passion. There are quite a few men and even one woman who are featured as mercenaries in this particular story, and I want each of them to have their own story. The next book will be about Trevor and Isabel, and it looks as though they will have much to overcome before a relationship can ever begin. MIDNIGHT ALIAS is suspenseful plus romantic, and the characters are fearlessly heroic.

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Genre: suspense
ISBN: 978-0451239440
Page Count: 368
Price: $ 7.99
Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Sensuality Rating: Sultry
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Thursday, February 7th, 2013

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