Review: A Dragon’s Seduction (The Gatekeepers) by Tamelia Tumlin

"A DRAGON’S SEDUCTION has a courageous hero who would sacrifice much for a kiss from a recognized enemy."

The Gatekeepers fantasy series begins with a tale where the focus is on keeping innocent humans safe from those possessing powerful magical skills. To ensure our world is protected, Tamelia Tumlin has created a bold hero who takes his job as a Gatekeeper very seriously and pairs him with a compassionate heroine.

When firefighter and dragonshifter Brayden St. John is at the scene of a fire, he is stunned to realize an unpredictable dragon from his realm is in the area. He fears a wizard must have summoned the beast who likes causing chaos, and believes the inferno he has to fight was caused by these two. Discovering a sorceress in the building apparently trying to help several humans is also a big surprise, but he is suspicious of her motives as those with magical powers have long been an enemy to his kind.

Even though Callie Gautreaux could have developed her Magik and become a commanding sorceress, she did not want to follow in her father’s footsteps and now runs a flower shop in New Orleans. Brayden cannot help but think the tempting female knows something about the fires, and he will keep digging until he knows for certain if she is involved or not. While neither fully trusts the other, they know danger is growing closer and must be dealt with soon.

A fascinating background is given in the first book of the Gatekeepers series, as four dragonshifters watch over portals giving access between Earth and their own realm of Jarithia. When a being is secretly brought through to cause destruction in our world, two individuals who would be enemies back home are brought together and must fight for a shared cause. Any story dealing with dragons has always been a favorite of mine, and since the Brayden is also a firefighter, I was already half in love with him before he was even met. After learning how dedicated this Gatekeeper is in every aspect of his life, I truly did come to adore him. While Brayden battles to make certain all remains right, he also must fight his attraction to a sorceress. Though his emotions are conflicted, the pull between Callie and him is extremely potent, thus creating numerous inner arguments with his dragon side. But sometimes the heart is stronger than rational thoughts, and these two engage in a touchingly beautiful sexual encounter. The threats to Earth and this couple are very real, and the clashes Brayden and Callie must face call forth profound emotions. Since this is a novella, the plot moves along quickly. Yet enough facts were given to guarantee that I knew the reasons behind what was taking place. There are three more bold dragonshifters whose stories need to be told, and I look forward to more about their extraordinary lives being revealed. A DRAGON’S SEDUCTION is enchanting with fascinating details and an appealing couple.

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Genre: fantasy
Page Count: 68
Price: $ .99 (eBook)
Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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posted Thursday, February 7th, 2013

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