Review: The Unexpected Choice by Stephanie Taylor

Caring for her dying Grandfather, Stacey Ingram is preparing for the inevitable, being alone.  When her childhood friend and neighbor Joey McCrary shows up on her doorstep, she doesn’t have the strength to deal with him not realizing Joey is on his own mission not just to give her a shoulder to lean on.

Joey has managed to make every possible mistake he could in college.  Now about to be a father, it is time for him to take responsibility and the first thing he needs is a wife.  He knows in his heart that Stacey would be a wonderful mother to his daughter, she would be loyal and be by his side no matter what.  His biggest hurdle though is Stacey wants to marry for love and Joey can’t give her that,  but when Stacey agrees and follows her heart Joey has to ask himself what he truly wants.

This was a spiritual story, Stacey follows her faith when it comes to Joey even when she questions his commitment to her.  I thought she was a wonderful heroine,  she begins the story as kind of a strong young woman who has had a rough beginning but carries an inner strength that keeps her together, but she lacks confidence in herself.  Joey knows she is incredible and sets out to show her all the things that he sees in her that makes her incredible.  I thought their journey was inspirational and really was taken in by a beautiful story.

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posted Thursday, February 7th, 2013 | filed under Astraea Press