Review: Broken Ornament 2: The Broken Ornament by Tianna Xander

"In the second book of the Broken Ornament series, Tianna Xander gives the reader a sweet love story with lots of supernatural twists."

Cherie Gardner’s life was perfect.  She had a family she loved and a great job.  As Christmas draws near, her niece sees an ornament she wants.  It contains a little figure of a man inside.  She claims it is magical, so Cherie gets it for her.  Her happiness comes to a screeching halt when a drunk driver snuffs out her family in an instant.  Cherie is devastated. Her life means nothing without her family.  Angry, Cherie picks up her niece’s ornament and smashes it against a wall.  Cherie picks up the little man that was once inside the ornament and feels a shock run through her body.  When she wakes, Cherie finds herself in a strange bed miles from her home.  A handsome man stands over her.  He wants to know how she got into his apartment.  Cherie has no answers for him, but she has to admit that the man stirs something deep inside her.  Where is Cherie and how did she get there?


Hunter Vasko is a vampire and Cherie Gardner is an intruder in his apartment.  He lives in a world where magic and supernatural creatures are common.  When Cherie cannot answer his questions, he contacts someone who might have answers.  He soon learns that Cherie could be from another dimension.  That would mean that her counterpart in this dimension was dead.  When Hunter tries to explain this to Cherie she does not believe him.  Cherie cannot accept that Hunter is a vampire either.  How could she be attracted to a vampire?  When she learns that this world contains many of the same people as her dimension, Cherie wonders if her sister and niece might exist here.  Hunter believes that her sister might be the new wife of a friend of his.  Will Cherie find the woman who might be her sister?


In the second book of the Broken Ornament series, Tianna Xander gives the reader a sweet love story with lots of supernatural twists.  Cherie’s life was over as far as she was concerned.  When she ends up in Hunter’s bed, a new life begins to unfold.  Hunter cannot deny the instant attraction he feels for Cherie and wants to help her find the happiness she lost.  He fears that the woman he knows who might be her sister may not accept Cherie.  Ms. Xander adds subtle humor as she takes Cherie through her new life.  Add in a little danger and some interesting plot twists and you have a perfect combination of love and adventure.  Can Hunter make Cherie’s wishes come true for Christmas?


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Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-77111-426-4
Page Count: 82
Price: $ 3.99
Reviewer: Candy

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Sunday, February 17th, 2013

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