Review: Star Crossed (Stargazer) by Jennifer Echols

"STAR CROSSED entertains with quick-witted humor plus exciting escapades."

  The numerous young adult books by Jennifer Echols have always been well-received, and she demonstrates her writing talent by creatively interweaving drama and comedy in her first adult release. At the heart any story by Ms. Echols is a compelling romance, and the constant tension between her lead couple makes STAR CROSSED absolutely engrossing.

In college, Wendy Mann dreamed of working for a public relations firm that solves the problems of those who live high-profile lives but sometimes do not follow conventional rules. One award would have guaranteed her goal being reached, but another student, Daniel Blackstone, took the top honor. While she did end up at Stargazer Public Relations in New York City and enjoys her career, her nemesis went to work at a similar firm owned by his father. Luckily, their paths have not crossed since graduation, but she fears her luck may be running out when both companies take on celebrities whose lives are spiraling out of control.

Her latest assignment is extremely critical to Wendy, as she has just been informed that she will be fired if she cannot make a young actress turned singer come across as unadventurous. It seems her publicist duties have clashed with one person too many. She has always enjoyed being in Las Vegas, but she knows the city can give her client plenty of opportunities to misbehave. Wendy is disheartened when she realizes Daniel is representing the spiteful ex-boyfriend of the singer, and they cross paths every time she turns around. There is much riding on whether Wendy and Daniel succeed in controlling the activities of their current clients, especially her future. However, neither anticipated having to restrain their own feelings for the other, as time together proves they are not enemies like in college. Also, there seems to be another threat to Wendy than the danger of losing her job.

The Stargazer series has an intriguing premise, and Jennifer Echols amusingly carries out its many attention-grabbing exploits. Lives of Hollywood stars and famous singers are often closely watched by their fans, but sometimes their eccentric behavior gets them into trouble, especially when pictures are taken. Then the need becomes crucial for someone to step in and fix the image perceived by those who ultimately pay the salaries of these famed individuals. What Ms. Echols does with two undisciplined celebrities and two public relations employees is frequently hilarious, sometimes stirring and always enjoyable. The situations these four diverse people must face from time to time are often outrageous yet still plausible, particularly with the events taking place in colorful Las Vegas. This city is known for its wild side, and some of the incidents are totally comical while others are rather scary with their mysterious aspects. While much of the story brings out laughs because of funny actions or smart banter, there is a threatening factor that makes several scenes gripping with unease until the danger is finally eliminated. There were also enough clues given to let me easily figure out the possible source of peril. How the relationship between Daniel and Wendy grows is convincing, as they are not actually strangers and have even kept up with the careers of each other. Their private talks are often touching as they divulge reasons for personal motivations. The sex between this couple is steamy with much passion yet sincere with genuine emotions. One portion of the story that truly stands out is the number of sharply intelligent comments made by Wendy, as she definitely speaks her mind, and often the perceptive comebacks made by Daniel are just as clever. Plenty of secondary characters keep the storyline fascinating, and I look forward to more stories about these likable people. Jennifer Echols has plunged into the adult fiction genre, and her first novel is rewarding in scene after scene. STAR CROSSED is delightfully fun with interesting characters, unusual circumstances and engaging dialogue.

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Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 978-1451677751
Page Count: 378
Price: $ 7.99
Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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posted Sunday, February 24th, 2013

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