Review: Tales of the Citadel 12: Crisis Management by Viola Grace

"In book twelve of the Tales of the Citadel series, Viola Grace takes a woman who feels she has no future on her home planet and transplants her on Udell."

Devani Jarix wants a new life.  She knows that her talent will prevent her from ever having a normal future.  Devani can lift huge weights and her body cannot be penetrated by high speed projectiles.  When she rescues people by lifting a bus, the press hounds her and her friends no longer want anything to do with her.  Devani decides to try to join the Citadel so she can be around people who understand her.  Devani gets an interview with a Citadel recruiter.  He a physician.  He tests Devani’s abilities, takes samples of her skin and blood and offers her a job.  Devani’s final destination is the new Citadel at Lowel, but until it is completed she will live and train at Sector Guard Base Udell.  Devani wants to get to know the handsome physician better and he is also stationed at Udell.  After Devani completes her training, she receives her first assignment for the Sector Guard.  The life of the high prefect of the planet Yagoth is in danger.  Devani will become the young girl’s nanny and bodyguard.  Will Devani’s talent enable her to keep her charge safe?


Helsin works as base physician for the Sector Guard on Udell.  After testing the abilities of new candidate for the Citadel and takes the required samples, he offers her a position at the new Citadel at Lowel.  Devani’s ability to lift weights and deflect knives are extraordinary.  Devani’s talents are perfect for military applications.  Helsin finds himself attracted to Devani.  When she goes to Yagoth on assignment, Helsin feels the urge to protect her.  Helsin completes his own assignment and goes to Yagoth to help Devani protect her young charge.  Is there a future for Helsin and Devani?


In book twelve of the Tales of the Citadel series, Viola Grace takes a woman who feels she has no future on her home planet and transplants her on Udell.  Finally able to use her talent freely, Devani thrives.  Romance brews between Devani and Helsin.  Devani wants to know everything about the handsome physician, but work comes between them.  Ms. Grace adds an exciting action plot to the story and weaves into it the growing attraction between Devani and Helsin.  Devani is a strong female character, but her talent makes her stronger than most.  Will Devani and Helsin discover why someone wants to kill the daughter of the high prefect?


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Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-77111-375-5
Page Count: 86
Price: $ 3.99
Reviewer: Candy

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars
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posted Monday, February 25th, 2013

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