Review: Tales of the Citadel 11: Called to Power by Viola Grace

"In book eleven of the Tales of the Citadel series, Viola Grace dives into the world of royal politics with both feet."

As a member of a noble family, and a possible heir to the throne, Syrella, Duchess of Saluthic, knows that having a talent is a curse.  Her parents send her to the Citadel school at Thoola to learn to control her talent.  Syrella is happy at Thoola.  She graduates from student to teacher and loves spending time with her students.  A simple phone call from her grandmother shatters her happiness.  Syrella’s grandmother informs her that she is the new Empress of the vast Vexar Empire.  The Citadel will not permit Syrella to leave without a specially trained escort that she can trust with her life.  Syrella notes that one of her bodyguards is a man she desires.  Unknown to Syrella, he feels the same way.  Syrella does not trust her grandmother.  There is something wrong in her sweet tone.  Why is her grandmother suddenly so friendly?


Dorium and the other bodyguards are specifically selected for Syrella’s safely.  One of her guards can detect poison.  Dorium knows that once Syrella becomes Empress, the people will demand she marry and produce an heir.  Men with questionable motives will be lined up waiting for her.  Dorium wants to be the man she selects.  There is something about Lady Algiatha Loesh Nevic, Syrella’s grandmother that Dorium does not trust.  The old woman desires power and plans to use Syrella to get it.  People around Lady Nevic die suspiciously.  Dorium will not let Syrella become her next victim.  Can Dorium and the other bodyguards keep Syrella safe?


In book eleven of the Tales of the Citadel series, Viola Grace dives into the world of royal politics with both feet.  Syrella never expected to be the next Empress, but once she accepts her role she plans to make sweeping changes to benefit everyone in her kingdom, not just the nobles.  Lady Nevic thinks Syrella will allow her to be the power behind the throne.  She soon learns that Syrella is not so easily controlled. Ms. Grace combines political intrigue, a deadly enemy and a sweet love story that will keep the reader glued to the pages of this book until the last page. Will Syrella learn of her grandmother’s treachery before it is too late?


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Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-77111-363-2
Page Count: 90
Price: $ 3.99
Reviewer: Candy

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 5 Stars
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posted Monday, February 25th, 2013

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