Review: INVISIBLE PRISON (Invisible Recruits) by Mary Buckham

"INVISIBLE PRISON is gripping with emotionally charged scenarios."

  Non-stop action plus an abundance of emotion can be continuously found in the first Invisible Recruits story, and the whole concept of this Urban Fantasy series is absolutely fascinating. A group of non-human women are being taught how to keep the peace amongst others like themselves and humans, but they will first have to learn working as a team is imperative or death could be the end result. 

There is a reason Alexis Noziak is not eager to use her magical skills unless it is the only way to survive. Not long ago, she felt it was her only option and its consequences put her in prison for life. Since she inherited the abilities of a witch plus a shaman from her parents, Alex knows she may have to reluctantly use some of her gifts or not stay alive while locked up.

When two visitors come to Alex with a surprising offer, she is very wary at first because humans are not supposed to comprehend there are in fact supernatural beings. However, the idea of permanently getting out of prison is too good to pass up, and she agrees to work for the new agency. Upon arriving at the compound, Alex soon realizes all the non-human females will be helping to keep a nonviolent relationship between ordinary humans and those with extraordinary talents. While she thought being imprisoned was dangerous yet often mind-numbing, she quickly discovers being an Invisible Recruit has one risky challenge after another and is certainly never dull.

A mesmerizing Urban Fantasy story packed with believability has been created by Mary Buckham, as INVISIBLE PRISON constantly captivates with intriguing situations and exceptional characters. Any events are described with such vivid details that I had no trouble visualizing every single instant. There are plenty of incidents where something supernatural goes on, and these happenings are totally convincing as there is never a time when I stopped to question whether such an occurrence could actually take place or not. Ms. Buckham definitely gives her characters lots of unique capabilities, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what transpired whenever any of these skills are used. Several episodes are particularly nerve-racking because the outcome for Alex did not look promising at all, especially when black magic comes into play. Her heritage is very interesting, and her remarks about her background added much insight into what causes many of her reactions. It is her nature to be straightforward, and I really liked the gutsy responses she often made when provoked. Yet there is also a compassionate side to Alex that has her putting the needs of someone else above her own, and this makes her an exceedingly worthy heroine. All of the individuals with whom she comes in contact have distinctive personalities, and sometimes how they ultimately responded was much unexpected. I went through a whole myriad of emotions while reading the book, from being fearful because of out-of-control circumstances to laughing when Alex delivers a number of sharp-witted comments. This introduction about those who will be the Invisible Recruits is an outstanding Urban Fantasy, and I am glad the next book will be out very soon. INVISIBLE PRISON has suspenseful danger, clever humor and memorable characters.

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Page Count: 120
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Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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posted Thursday, February 28th, 2013

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  1. Vane Kattalakis DHK said:

    I absolutely loved the boook. The setting had a look and feel to it that made feel like I was there, there was constant motion to the story. 4 1/2 Stars.