Review: Over the Edge by Suzanne Carroll

When a gift from her future mother-in-law arrives,  future bride Zoe Harper sees the path her life will take if she goes through with this marriage and it is not a path of eternal happiness.  Zoe ends her engagement six weeks before the big day to find herself in limbo, what does she want to make out of her life.  Step one is  a self discovery/retreat weekend by herself, sounds easy enough but does it take a wrong turn when she finds herself being cared for by her box CEO Angus Creed.

Angus has been burned badly before and has no plans to do it again, but everything about Zoe  has him fascinated.  He knows she is healing a wounded heart,  but is willing to form a unique friendship that is only the two of them to keep her close by.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It was primarily about Zoe finding herself but Angus was by her side and not in a purely romantic way, more like two wounded souls leaning on one another.  I thought the pacing was perfect and was enchanted throughout the story.  Will be picking up more of Suzanne Carroll’s books in the future.

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posted Thursday, March 7th, 2013 | filed under Writer's Coffee Shop