Review: Jake by R.C. Ryan

Veterinarian Jake Conway was never one to complain about his bachelor status, until he met Meg Stanford. When Meg returns to her father’s ranch after his death it is with mixed emotions. When her mother whisked her away she was abruptly cut off, never to hear from him again. Now that she is back she finds she has a half-brother who is strongly attached to his horse who appears lame. Jake comes to take a look at the horse only to find himself intrigued by the feisty red head, the feelings mutual but Meg is gun-shy about getting involved in a temporary fling when she plans to pack up and leave first chance she gets. The third in the Wyoming Sky series. A wonderful story filled with emotion, I truly felt for Meg for she never got the answers as to why she was cut so abruptly from her father’s life and she struggles with her grief. Jake is the voice of reason as well as getting past the heavy walls she has erected, but pursuing her is not quite as easy as he hoped, especially when someone seems intent on doing her harm.

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posted Saturday, May 11th, 2013 | filed under Grand Central Publishing