Review: Dark Waters by Toni Anderson

At one point in her life Anna Silver had it all, a loving family, friends, everything a young teenager could wish for.  Years later Anna is still trying to heal from her father’s betrayal, her mother’s absenteeism and an act of violence she never saw coming.  Finding out her father has died is a shock, but realizing that it was murder and she needs help from his cellmate is another matter altogether.

Brent Carver lives his life sheltered in his home, painting.  He served his time and has deemed himself unworthy of forgiveness  When Anna arrives on his doorstep, he knows who she is instantly but he did not expect the attraction or the fact that the shadowed look in her eyes has him wanting to protect her.  Brent is determined to help her, despite his wall that she seems intent on crumbling down.

Action packed thriller from the first moment on the first page to the very last.  Brent is intense, he scares Anna in a way that is foreign to her.  She trusts him, but she is also torn with getting him involved when he is out on parole.  I thought this was gripping suspense at its finest, couldn’t put it down.

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posted Monday, June 17th, 2013 | filed under Montlake Romance