Review: The Problem With Seduction by Emma Locke

Courtesan Elizabeth Spencer struck a deal with Lord Constantine Alexander, in exchange for enough money to keep him out of debtor’s prison he claims her infant son is his.  What should have been a simple exchange has turned into an embroiled with her ex-lover who still believes the child is his, Con’s family demands to see the child, and Elizabeth is not quite fond of the idea of letting him borrow the child.   Not to mention the spark of growing attraction that seems to escalate when in each other’s company.

This was a pleasant surprise, I have not read a book quite like it before.  I liked the idea that Elizabeth was a courtesan and  although she loved her lover, Captain Nicholas Finn, the feelings were not returned and upon the birth of the baby he took the child to claim as his own.  Enter into the dynamic Constantine who is playing the role of new lover, even if it is a business arrangement, Elizabeth only wants her son back.   I felt for both characters actually, as you get to know Constantine more you realize he is a good natured man who seems to get caught in impossible situations.  Look forward to the next in the series.

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posted Thursday, June 20th, 2013 | filed under Intrepid Reads