Review: Showdown at LIzard Rock by Sandra Chastain

King Vandergriff has worked hard for where he is today, he has seen a lot in his life but he can quite honestly say he has never seen the likes of Kaylyn Smith.  Kaylyn in all her glory is standing tall on top of the snake like cliff protesting the development of King’s private club which will be placed on top of the town’s hot springs.

Kaylyn tried to talk to King the old fashioned way, over the phone, in person, but King was always elusive.  Kaylyn doesn’t plan to go down without a fight and King just happens to be up for the challenge.  King doesn’t know if he should ring her neck or kiss her until she passes out, whatever the outcome the town’s natural charm and Kaylyn’s passionate pleas make it difficult to resist.
The opening chapter is hilarious, I thought an overpuffed King had met his match.  Charming tale,  the chemistry was evident between the two, but Kaylyn is confused by her attraction to King and what it means for her causes.  Perfect beach read, light and fun.

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posted Friday, June 21st, 2013 | filed under Random House