Review: A Dark and Stormy Knit (Black Sheep Knitting Mystery) by Anne Canadeo

"A DARK AND STORMY KNIT is intriguingly mysterious."

 The previous books in the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery series have been about some rather disturbing murders, and the latest killing is really upsetting for the group of close friends who enjoy crafting knitted items. These women discuss the established facts and ponder the unknowns while exuberantly knitting away, and their amateur sleuthing deductions are repeatedly helpful to the police. A DARK AND STORMY KNIT has one mystery after another, and disclosures often come as a total surprise. Anne Canadeo has assembled a delightful group of knitters who will always stand by each other when one of them is threatened in any way.

Running the Black Sheep Knitting Shop is very pleasurable for Maggie Messina, as she likes talking with customers and has a great time with friends who attend a weekly meeting to work on different projects. When she arrives at the business one morning, she is stunned to see the new and controversial parking meters are all covered with knitted cat faces. She believes a group known as Knit Kats is probably responsible because their form of protest is to use knitting somehow. Maggie sees this as a cunning way to let the city of Plum Harbor know not everyone wanted the meters installed.

Since no one knows the identity of any Knit Kats, it is unlikely if anyone will be punished for this innocent crime. Yet when someone is killed, clues linked to a knitted wrapping found around the body point to the secretive group. While this is strange enough, making the case even more disturbing is when Phoebe Meyers is also thought to be connected in some way. The college student works at Maggie’s shop, and there is no way she had anything to do with the murder. Now the Black Sheep Knitters need to find proof that their friend is no killer, even if they have to meet every day and discuss what they know.

There are a multitude of uncertainties in A DARK AND STORMY KNIT, and deducing the truth is never easy. Just like the women in the Black Sheep Knitters group, I did not know what was exactly going on until more concrete proof was found. With so many possible directions for my thoughts to go, my assumptions kept changing with every new leak of information. While this group may not intentionally put themselves in danger, occasionally a threat does come someone’s way. I really like how they all rallied around each other, demonstrating friendship at its strongest.

Every woman in the group has a very different personality from the others, and how they looked at any developments that arise is realistically depicted. Maggie and her shop may be at the center of much of the story, but every member contributes their fair share of opinions. Unlike some amateur sleuth mysteries, all the women frequently get the opportunity to voice their views about a topic, not just one lead character. Maggie and her friends have plenty to contemplate all through the story, and they come to their conclusions after lots of carefully thought-out deliberation. The Black Sheep Knitting Mystery series by Anne Canadeo is cleverly executed with smart wit and delightfully diverse characters. A DARK AND STORMY KNIT builds the anticipation until every shocking detail is exposed. Also included in the book are several great recipes plus links to adorable knitting patterns.

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ISBN: 978-1451644807
Page Count: 304
Price: $ 15.00
Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Sensuality Rating: Sweet
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posted Saturday, January 18th, 2014

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