Anna and Joe Putts have just been blessed with a beautiful baby daughter, Joanna. But with the gathering clouds of war oppressing all of their lives, the young couple soon realize that there may be a chance that little Joanna may never know her own father as he has just enlisted to fight in the War. Although sad that her husband has had to leave her and their child behind to fight the faceless enemy, Anna soon realizes that life has to go on for her and Joanna, so she decides to roll up sleeves and carry on with her life – with a little help from her friends, of course!

Her neighbours, Rosie and Queenie take Anna and her child under their wings and start to regard the Putts as members of their own families. But both women have got problems of their own. Rosie is concerned about what effect the war will have on her children and grandchildren; whilst Queenie has got even more pressing problems. Not only have two of her grandchildren been evacuated to the countryside, but the man she truly loves is fighting in the War and there’s a chance that he might never come back to her.

Queenie never thought that she would be the kind of woman who would have an affair, but when her ungrateful husband had pushed her once too often, she had found herself seeking solace in the arms of another man: Paul Tramner. Paul had begged her to leave her selfish husband behind and go to live in Canada with him, but her responsibilities and her loyalties had kept her in London. However, when she had last met Paul, she had realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life by his side. But having gone off to war, Queenie worries that she’ll never see him ever again…

As the women of Dason Street worry whether the ones they love will ever return, the enemy gets closer and closer and they can’t help but wonder whether, this time, they will survive this damned war.

It’s One of Ours is an engaging wartime saga written with plenty of warmth, wit, grit and heart. Joan M. Moules has a lovely writing style which immediately draws you into her story and once you read the first page of It’s One of Ours, you’ll find yourself unable to stop!