Review: Love Affairs for Grown-Ups by Debby Holt

Katrina is not looking forward to spending a week in France at her sister Rose’s farmhouse. Although she loves her sister, Rose is not the most tactful of people and Katrina is not exactly overjoyed at having to spend a whole week having to put up with her interfering ways. Katrina is already dreading this holiday to France, but when she hears that her sister has a new boyfriend, her dread turns to absolute horror for Rose’s new boyfriend is none other than Katrina’s old flame, Lewis!

Years ago, Katrina had allowed herself to be seduced by charming, debonair and drop dead gorgeous Lewis, who as one of the stars of the UK’s best-loved soap had been the nation’s number one heart throb. Katrina had not been able to believe that someone as sexy as Lewis could possibly be interested in somebody as plain and dumpy as her. But just when Katrina had thought that she might have a future with Lewis, he had dumped her! Katrina is not exactly overjoyed to be coming face to face with the man who had broken her heart, but luckily for her, Cornelius Hedge is by her side to give her a helping hand…

Cornelius was only meant to be giving Katrina a lift to her sister’s house, he certainly never expected to be mopping up her tears and pretending to be her boyfriend! But when Cornelius hears of Katrina’s predicament, he finds himself agreeing to be her fake lover, unaware of just what he is letting himself in for! Pretending to be the long-time partner to somebody he’s just met is not exactly easy for Cornelius, but the more time he spends with Katrina, the more he realizes how much he has grown to like her!

Although Rose and Lewis’ constant pawing of each other proves thoroughly nauseating, the holiday doesn’t prove to be a total washout for Katrina. She soon begins to enjoy Cornelius company, and when the holiday finally draws to a close, she finds herself having to wave a reluctant goodbye to the man she has really grown fond of.

Back home in England, Cornelius and Katrina’s friendship continues to develop. Cornelius might be a tad eccentric and he might not have Lewis’ charm and good looks, but Katrina cannot help but wish that their friendship would deepen. However, Cornelius seems reluctant to talk about his past and Cornelius doesn’t think that Katrina is over Lewis.

Are the two destined to spending the rest of their lives being just friends? Or will they finally find the courage to admit their true feelings?

Quirky, hilarious and simply delightful, Debby Holt has penned a mature comedy of manners for people who enjoy reading smart, witty and believable romantic fiction! Love Affairs for Grown-Ups is an enchanting and amusing tale featuring a wonderful heroine, an eccentric but adorable hero and lots of humour, heart and warmth which will keep readers engrossed until the final full stop!