Jesse St. James reluctantly returns home to help his mother a year after his brother’s senseless death, the result of a drunken driver.  Quinn and Jesse were close, so close that they fell for the same lovely girl but to preserve their brotherly bond decided neither would have her.  Quinn was suppose to back off, but he didn’t and instead became engaged to Eden Halloway.  Heartbroken, Jesse left only to return after Quinn’s death.  He is still drawn to Eden but he won’t hurt his brother’s memory.

Eden loved Quinn but she loved Jesse first.  Jesse was wild and Eden knew Quinn’s quiet manner was better suited to her.  Now, after Quinn’s death, Eden feels guilty when she realizes that she has deep feelings for Jesse.  What will happen now that they are together again?

Bestselling author Kay Stockham pens a bittersweet story of two brothers and the woman they both loved.  The imagery is so clear, reading RETURN TO EDEN is like stepping into a crisp Autumn day when everything is possible, even finding love again.  Passionate characters, beautiful setting and a sweet love story make RETURN TO EDEN a book to remember.