When Sunnyva “Sunny” Fletcher came back home to take care of her dying grandmother, she had not expected it would put her life in a stalemate.  With the hospital bills piled up and needs to be met, she doubts even in twenty years she will be able to move past the mountain in debt, always one to look at the bright side though Sunny finds any job she can get her hands on and tries to chip away at it.

Sam Calloway maybe cynical about people, but his children mean  everything to him.  After their mother’s death, Sam decides they need the summer away to create a new start.   Knowing he will still have to work he decides to look for a nanny, but Sunny happens instead.  In her adorable princess outfit, she bonds with his children at a theme park.  Of course Sam doesn’t realize that he manages to get her fired in a round a bout way, not sure that he is sane when he agrees to let her try to nanny for him, Sam finds that it is hard to resist the quirky woman who has a fresh outlook on life and if he isn’t careful may just fall head over heels for her.

Adorable story, Sunny is a ray of sunshine to Sam’s brooding cloud.  Sam is an internet guru and used to being used by people, but he can’t figure out Sunny’s angle, probably because she doesn’t have one.   I liked that this was a light hearted story and you see Sam realizing that life is not all about work and he can create his own happiness.  Wonderful read, Jennifer Shirk continues to entertain readers.