Kismet Knight has set up her own practice as a psychologist in Denver.  Her career seems to be blossoming but she cannot say the same for her love life.  Her latest patient, Midnight, wants to become a vampire.  She has been hanging out a local nightclub where she claims a coven of vampires has their base.  Kismet, a trained scientist, is sure this is  merely a cry for attention but she also thinks this could be great for a research project and book.  With the current vampire craze, Kismet plans to advertise herself as someone who specializes in helping vampires.  She never dreamed how it would change her life.  Soon, she meets Devereux, who comes to office and claims to be a true vampire.  For some reason, he evinces uncontrollable desire and Kismet cannot seem to control herself.

Just when you think you have heard all the variations, someone comes up with a new one.  The Vampire Shrink was intriguingly different.  Kismet, as a scientist, would not believe in the existence of vampires until she had what she considered proof.  Devereux wanted to show her that proof but his incontrovertible proof was not what he wanted.  He then had some work to do to get Kismet to trust him.  Lynda Hilburn also introduces us to a plethora of well-developed characters.  From Midnight to Kismet’s ex to Devereux himself, there is a never ending supply of fantastic characters that help bring The Vampire Shrink to life.  Enjoy vampire stories with a twist, never ending action, suspense and irresistible love?  Then The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn is perfect for you.