Though the main characters are all teenagers in The Red Moon trilogy, my adult mind easily became riveted in the many tricky dilemmas this spirited trio faced. From dire predicaments to challenging emotional issues, these three are still making difficult decisions in the second book and often there is not a satisfying choice. Micah Caida has truly created a most unusual storyline plus unique characters, and outcomes are never assured until ever single second plays out. TIME RETURN is notable science fiction with lots of unexpected twists.

After waking up with no memory of her past, Rayen was taken to a school where many students study varied subjects and even live. Most of those at the school think of her as rather strange, but she had managed to make friends with two other teenagers. By chance, the three somehow traveled through time to a place known as the Red Moon sphere, a world in their future. Even though they managed to make it back to the present, Rayen has vowed to return and help the MystiKs, a group made up of young children and teenagers under the age of eighteen. They are relentlessly persecuted by another group, one which would like for every MystiK to be annihilated.

Rayen hopes the special powers she possesses will help once again when she revisits to the Red Moon sphere. She knows the place contains countless mysterious dangers, but she does not plan on letting the leader of the group down. Callan came to mean much to her in a short time, and there is no way Rayen will let him fight an enemy without her assistance. However, upon arriving back on the sphere, she discovers much destruction took place while she was gone and Callan’s actions are very confusing. While some believe her presence brings even more threats to the MystiKs, there is no way Rayen will leave the vulnerable group unless forced.

There are so many variables affecting the life of Rayen, regardless of what time period she is living in. With so much of her memory missing, she often does not know what path to follow and can only hope any responses are right. Although she is only a teenager, many of the decisions she has to make are extremely difficult yet they must be made. With so many lives affected by whatever she decides, I felt her unease over what to do on so many occasions. The ordeals that just keep coming her way could be disastrous if Rayen chooses incorrectly, and her anxiety is clearly obvious from her inner thoughts to her actions.

The relationship Rayen has with her two friends from school is just like a normal teenager at times. Disagreements occur and minds must be changed, yet their friendship endures throughout it all. The connection between Rayen and Callan is also comparable to two dating teens sometimes. Even though most young people would not have to make such drastic choices, they do have to think about matters that involve other individuals along with their own desires. The peril in the story is very real, and I often held my breath until a scene concluded. With its dramatic ending, the third book in the series looks to be even more intense. Micah Caida has crafted a notable science fiction series with believable characters and a rewarding plot. TIME RETURN has one risk-taking adventure after another and is continuously entertaining.