Georgina Mowbray, as a young war widow, is settling into her job as a companion for Lady Russell. Then Lady Russell’s nephew arrives and everything changes. Dominic, the Earl of Coniston, is everything Georgie hates in the aristocracy. She believes him to be shallow, smooth, and certainly less than trustworthy. But Con refuses to stay in that category and Georgie is surprised to find him desirable and very intriguing.

Con finds her equally as intriguing. He usually has no problem charming the women but Georgie is different. Con determines to be sociable with her for his aunt’s sake. But her past comes back to stalk her and Con can’t help but protect her. He is sure he can keep her safe if only she would let him.

Manda Collins has penned a true feel good romance. The love blossoms slowly but irresistibly as these two find their lives intertwining. The mystery from the first novel continues in this one adding that extra touch of suspense that makes the story so much more enticing. Con and Georgie draw closer and closer together in spite of their own admonitions to not do so. Love definitely takes over and the romance is beautiful to behold. Thanks to Manda Collins for a beautiful romance to add to our shelves – Why Earls Fall in Love.