How to Play Own Goal Bet in Gambling Online

The most interesting method bookmakers and casinos deal in sbobet with Own Goals is seen through the Goalscorer markets you can choose such as Anytime Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer and First Goalscorer bets. When it comes to the bet of Anytime Goalscorer, there is no impact at all that the own goal can have. People will bet on the player to score anytime during the 90 minutes of the game instead of doing the specific order during the game. No matter who the person you choose is, own goal will not give any impact at all.

For example, you bet on Paul Pogba from Manchester United to score the goal for the first time on the game. However, as the game progresses, Marcus Rashford who is his teammate scored the own goal. The purpose of this game is only choosing the player that will score the game and it will not be seen as the first goal. As long as Pogba scores the goal no matter the second, third and more, you are so fine. However, if the opening goal of the match is the own goal made by Pogba, it is not count.

It means, Pogba has to score the goal in that game to make you win it easily. However, when you choose to bet using Last Goalscorer as your own betting game, then you might do the same thing. Pogba became the player that scored last on the game. In the new scenario, Pogba will score after 2 minutes of the game you have chosen but after that, there is no more goals from Pogba until Rashford makes the own goal at the end of the match. If the game is over with 1-1, then you can win the bet because the goals were the only ones scored.