“The Sweetest Taboo” is the first story. Sonya Morrison realizes that Mike Kelly wants her just as she wants him but she knows it can never be. She does not do vanilla and he does not do chocolate. But Sonya and Mike are in for a surprise as they learn that The Sweetest Taboo may be the only way for them.

“Cupid’s Bow” brings back into the world of the Madaris Family with the tale of Kimara Stafford and Kyle Garwood. Kimara has always had a crush on Kyle until one Valentine’s Day he broke her heart announcing his engagement. Now years later, an cynical Kyle and Kimara are thrown together by a Cupid who planned their romance to a T.

The final tale is “Perfect Moments.” Parnel Cabot lost his wife and never intended to marry again. His two twin daughters are enough for him. Rose Woods offers to care for his girls while he is working and then makes a proposition that would solve all his problems. It should be business but chemistry has a way of exploding at the odd times.

Brenda Jackson pens such delicious characters. Mike, Kyle and Parnel are sexy, competent and dedicated men. Their woman are the same. Too bad they needed so much work to make them realize it. As Brenda takes us through their trials and tribulations, we can’t help but cheer with them and cry with them. Forever Mine will be forever yours after you pick it up.