Miss Claire Carrington is not like the other young ladies of the ton. Forthright, independent, stubborn and keen to challenge anyone who says that women are inferior to men, Claire’s outrageous views and lack of concern with her appearance and with frippery and trivialities make her a breath of fresh air with the many gentlemen of the ton, who are bored to tears with the innocent and frail Misses they are expected to marry!

Andrew Tyson, the Marquess of Blagdon, is one such gentleman who is sick to the back teeth with overbearing mamas pushing their suitable daughters in his direction and begging him to marry them! As if that wasn’t enough, his mother and his sister are always keen to point out that he isn’t getting any younger, and that it’s about time that he got married and started a family – with somebody suitable, of course!

But Andrew would rather die than spend the rest of his life tied to a woman who drives him insane, so he comes up with a plot to keep his family off his back and the matchmaking mamas at a safe distance: a pretend engagement. However, he has first got to find an unmarried young lady who will agree to his proposition, and when he hears Miss Carrington furiously turning down a marriage proposal, he realizes that he’s finally found his pretend fiancée!

Claire immediately agrees and hopes that her pretend engagement would keep some of her more persistent suitors away from her and from protesting their undying love to her.

But the more time Claire and Andrew spend together, the more they realize that maybe marriage is not such an awful proposition after all – especially if they were married to one another!

The Singular Miss Carrington is a delightful Regency that is full of wit, charm and heartwarming romance. Amusing, enjoyable and spellbinding, The Singular Miss Carrington is a historical romance written with plenty of style and flair by one one of the best-loved writers of Regency romance: Barbara Hazard!