Life for the Shaw family is anything but easy. They live on Amber Street, only a minute step up from the slums, and they are constantly struggling for money and trying their hardest to make ends meet. But despite all their financial struggles, their love for each other never falters. However, when tragedy strikes, they realize that they’ve got to pull together or else fall under.

With her mother pregnant, her father developing an alcohol addiction and her grandmother, Ma Shaw, constantly interfering, eldest daughter Kat Shaw realizes that it’s up to her to keep the family together, with a roof over their head and away from the workhouse. But despite all of her hard work and struggles, Kat falls behind with the rent and decides that the only solution open to her is to plead with her landlord to give her more time to get the money together.

Luckily for her, her landlord, Andrew Pitt, accepts and a friendship blossoms between the two of them. Andrew may belong to the upper echelons of society, but he’s strangely drawn to this poor girl from the slums, and the more time the two spend together, they more they realize that they are falling passionately in love.

Against all odds, Andrew and Kat realize that they’ve got a future together and begin to make plans to get married. But just when Kat thought that she had finally found the happiness which she so desperately craved, an enemy from her family’s past returns – and he makes it quite clear that he wants Kat to be his mistress!

Will Andrew let the woman he loves slip through his fingers? And will Kat have to sacrifice her heart for the sake of her family?

Alexandra Connor sure knows how to pen a terrific saga and The Watchman’s Daughter is a captivating tale of passion, secrets, heartbreak and sacrifice by this outstanding storyteller whose novels keep saga readers everywhere spellbound!

Tender, harrowing, gripping and moving, The Watchman’s Daughter is a riveting Northern saga you will not be able to put down!