Sparkling like a glass of vintage champagne and delicious like a box of Belgian chocolates, The Unpredictable Consequences of Love is the phenomenal new romantic comedy from the fabulous Jill Mansell!

When managing a band of bratty teenagers had grown wearisome, Josh Strachan had realised that he had had enough of his life in Los Angeles. Fed up of being taken for granted and looking for a new challenge, Josh decided to bid farewell to the City of Angels and headed back to St. Carys in Cornwall to help his grandmother Dot run the Mariscombe House Hotel. Managing a five-star hotel is no walk in the park, but Josh is enjoying the change of pace and loving his new life in St. Carys – especially as he’s just clapped eyes on Sophie Wells, a pretty photographer he’s desperate to get to know better. Used to women throwing themselves at him on a regular basis, Josh is confident that Sophie will quickly fall for his charms. However, he is shocked when she tells him that relationships are strictly off the agenda for her!

Bitter experience had taught Sophie to keep her heart firmly under lock and key and to never let anyone get close to her ever again. With her burgeoning photography business growing in leaps and bounds and an active social life, Sophie has got plenty to keep her occupied – she doesn’t want or need to have a man in her life. But when Josh Strachan strides into St. Carys and reawakens feelings deep within her that have been buried for a very long time, Sophie soon begins to realise that her resolve to stay single is weakening. Is she willing to put her heart on the line for the second time? Or will old fears and never resolved issues ruin her chance of redemption?

Sophie’s best friend Tula has just moved to St. Carys for a fresh start. Having found a job she loves and been embraced by the St. Carys community, Tula is loving her new life in Cornwall. Although her crush on Josh Strachan looks set to remain unrequited, Tula is determined to find her Mr. Right. With so many sexy surfers around, Tula is confident that she’ll not remain single for long. However, the feisty barmaid is not about to let her head be turned by a good-looking beach bum. Tula wants an intelligent, confident and self-sufficient man – and unfortunately feckless Riley Bryant does not subscribe to a single one of these categories. A man who spends his days chatting up girls on the beach and who lives on the hands-out given to him by his rich aunt, Riley – despite his good looks and delectable body – is as far removed from Tula’s perfect man as it is possible to get. However, there’s more to the laid-back surfer than meets the eye…

The unpredictable consequences of love have knocked the inhabitants of St. Carys for six. But are they prepared to thrown caution to the wind and let love into their lives? Or will they let this unexpected happiness slip through their fingers?

Jill Mansell is one of the queens of romantic comedy and she is on top form with The Unexpected Consequences of Love. Funny, heartwarming, emotional and deliciously feel-good, take the phone off the hook, cancel all your appointments and get ready to enjoy a fast-paced romantic romp that will make you laugh, cry and keep you up way past your bedtime.

I adored the characters in this book. I loved Sophie and Tula, swooned over Josh and Riley and I desperately want to meet up with Riley’s Aunt Marguerite for a gossip and a glass of bubbly. As always, Jill Mansell creates a wonderful community you would love to be a part of and brings the idyllic villages she writes about to such vivid and colourful life, that I am packing my bags and booking the first available flight to St. Carys!

Wonderfully witty, highly compelling and absolutely impossible to resist, The Unpredictable Consequences of Love is not to be missed!