A tragic event makes a young woman feel as though she will not ever experience happiness again. Though not really expecting to find even a small amount of enjoyment, she gives up much and hopes changing everything about her existence will eventually bring her some peace. Marata Eros takes readers on a journey of discovering what can bring pleasure back into a life, where a myriad of emotions will be felt by two individuals when destined circumstances throws them together. THE DARKEST JOY is often heartbreaking and always affecting with genuineness.

At one time, Brooke Starr had wished for a more normal life, not one where she is constantly asked to play the piano. Then a regular day turns into a nightmare for her, and she is forever changed. Feeling like she needs to leave her hometown of Seattle, Brooke decides to see if Alaska can erase some of her constant sadness. Hoping to sort out her life, she agrees to take a job on a fishing boat to help pass the time. She even chooses to give up a chance to attend Juilliard, as music reminds her of what she has lost.

However, her plan to find some serenity in the quaint Alaskan village takes a bad turn one night, and Brooke believes only one solution will finally bring her relief. When Chance Taylor sees her dive off the pier into the frigid water, his only thought is to bring her back out. The connection between the two is immediate, and their bond continues to grow with each passing day. Chance has never let himself get close to any woman before, yet he feels compelled to aid Brooke and help fix whatever problems she has in her life. But neither could ever have imagined what the future holds for them.

Scenes in THE DARKEST JOY are filled with candid reactions backed by very real feelings. No matter what type of emotion is being conveyed, I could always get a sense of what was going through the mind of each person. Since the story is told from the alternating viewpoints of the hero and heroine, their impressions of the same situation give clear insight as to how they are feeling at that precise moment. I really like this way of writing, as it lets me know more about the two main characters plus feel a deeper personal connection to both of them.

The hero Marata Eros created for THE DARKEST JOY is particularly endearing, as Chance is a man who proves how much he truly cares about Brooke in countless ways. His honesty made him honorable, and the way in which he tried to help her overcome past events showed his ability to be understanding. He is also a very attentive lover and is devoted to making certain she is happy, and this causes sex between them to be fervent and packed with thorough attention. Brooke is a very complex character, as so much has gone wrong in her life. She just wants to forget and move on, but memories keep resurfacing.

With all the colorful descriptions of the Alaskan environment, the beauty of this location comes alive. Also, fishing in the area is portrayed in such a way that I felt as though I was on the boat partaking in the episode with them. The mystery in the story is cleverly concealed, and several suspenseful incidents take place before the book ends. Do not know what type of scenario Marata Eros will dream up next, but I know it will be exciting. THE DARKEST JOY is passionate, intriguing and exceedingly romantic.