Alliance Admiral Philip Guthrie is ready to assume command of the new ship Hope’s Folly. The ship has been used as a freighter in recent years and is now part of the underfinanced Alliance fleet. Philip, whose leg and hip are still on the mend from being shattered in a battle, is not sure what to make of this ship that smells of oranges at odd time and seems to have too many failures to count. Even though the ship is not ready, Philip is forced to take her out to defend another ship. Now he not only has problems with the failures but also the crew, one in particular. Rya Bennton is on board. The daughter of a friend of his lost in the rebellion, Rya seems to stir feeling in Philip best left unstirred. He is older than her and she may have a different agenda than he does. As danger escalates, so too does their desire – not a good thing when all senses must be focused on surviving the traps and betrayals set by Imperial forces.

From the action packed beginning to the sensational ending, Hope’s Folly will capture the reader and not let go. It was gratifying to have a book where Philip was the focus. After all he has been through, he deserved Rya Bennton. Rya had always idolized Philip since she was a child and her feeling did not change as she got to know Philip better. In spite of their human limitations, these two overcame such odds that both easily could become worthy of being idolized. We also get to meet Captain Folly, a delightful character who will go down in our memories. Another superb entry into her Dock 5 Universe series, Hope’s Folly should not be missed. Linnea Sinclair’s next book, Rebels and Lovers, is due out in March 2010 and we will all be waiting for the doors to open to be first to get our very own copy.